On Lok PACE Supports Seniors During the COVID-19

Celina Rodríguez | On Lok PACE
On Lok PACE East San Jose center. Photo Credit: On Lok PACE

Margarita: On Lok is making visits to see that seniors are well.”

On Lok PACE provides care for the health and well-being of seniors in the Bay Area. Even during the pandemic, On Lok PACE has continued to offer its services in seniors’ homes. This is the case of Margarita Partida-Gil, Activity Therapist at On Lok PACE, East San Jose Center.

During COVID-19, On Lok PACE has continued to support its seniors. Margarita Partida-Gil, an activity therapist with On Lok PACE, has been working with participants during the course of the pandemic, making sure they continue to receive the care they need, while remaining safe at home. “On Lok PACE is helping seniors remain safe during COVID-19 by delivering home-based care and support. This includes delivering medications, providing transportation, light housework like cleaning, and conducting wellness checks alongside meal delivery. We are also providing activity packets with suggestions of things they can do to stay active.”

With the pandemic, On Lok PACE had to rethink how it supported participants, shifting center-based activities to virtual. “Right now, On Lok is offering activities and classes via Zoom and posting exercise videos tailored for our seniors, to the On Lok YouTube Channel. Many participants miss going to the On Lok PACE center and engaging with others, so we are also providing activities by phone for those who cannot access a computer or smartphone, and in need of that interaction with others,” said Partida-Gil.

On Lok PACE provides a comprehensive healthcare and supportive services plan for adults over 55 with medical needs. It is recognized as a Medicare and Medi-Cal program. Contact On Lok PACE by calling: 1-866-565-7223.

This story was aired on Celina Rodriguez’s Radio Program, Buenas Tardes Con Celina, on KZSF 1370 AM La Kaliente.

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