On Lok PACE Supports Seniors Who Participate in The Program and Their Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Celina Rodríguez
A fresh new look of On Lok van. Photo Credit: On Lok PACE

Rosalind: “My father received services from On Lok during the last years of his life. I never imagined that I would someday work for On Lok.”

On Lok PACE provides care for the health and well-being of seniors in the Bay Area. Even during the pandemic, On Lok PACE has continued to offer its services in seniors’ homes. Rosalind Padilla manages the San Francisco On Lok PACE Enrollment & Outreach team. She says that because of On Lok’s connection to her late father, On Lok PACE is in her heart.

“We are a full-service healthcare program that includes a wide range of services to support seniors to remain living safely in the comfort of their own homes,” says Rosalind. “On Lok PACE is the opposite of a nursing home because we want our seniors to continue living with their families and in their communities. This is what gives you life – being surrounded by loved ones.

“On Lok and I have a history because when my dad was living, he benefited from their services and one of the services he enjoyed was the meal delivery service. They would take his lunch directly to his home! I had no idea that many years later I would be working for On Lok PACE…so when they called me for an interview I said “Yes!” As this is related to my family, my passion runs deep because it’s so important to take care of our seniors, don’t you think? Despite the passing of years, they still want to enjoy life!”

On Lok PACE provides a comprehensive healthcare and supportive services plan for adults over 55 with medical needs. It is recognized as a Medicare and Medi-Cal program. Contact On Lok PACE by calling: 1-866-565-7223.

This story was aired on Celina Rodriguez’s Radio Program, Buenas Tardes Con Celina, on KZSF 1370 AM La Kaliente.