“Help 4 You” Young people who provide help to the most needy

Mario Jiménez Castillo | El Observador
Photo Credit: Unsplash

In these times of pandemic and emergency that we live, there are unfortunately many people who are facing financial problems, there is a high unemployment rate globally. Aid offered by governments to their citizens is usually minimal compared to the great need faced by many people, of which a worrying percentage are lacking the resources necessary to provide food and basic necessities to their homes. Latin America has been seriously affected by COVID 19; the economic situation of many people is going through a pressing moment.

Fortunately, there are altruistic people, heroes of the pandemic, who, by observing the needs of the less privileged, extend their help to those who need it most. This is the case of the non-profit organization “Help 4 You”, who we chatted recently with.

The organization is dedicated to providing help to people who suffer needs and deprivations in these difficult times. Peter Valiente and Leonidas Aguilar are two young people who are part of this citizen movement that brings relief and hope to the most vulnerable.

Peter, who is a chef by profession, told us that when observing the elderly and homeless in need of food due to the pandemic, he had the idea of ​​preparing food for free for these people. During those dates he and his friend Leonidas had the initiative to form a support group that provides food and provisions for those most affected.

These provisions began to be collected through neighbors, friends, small businesses, and generous people who want to share what they have with the most affected during this pandemic.

“Help 4 You”, is a philanthropic organization that originated a few days ago, in the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador. Organization that is beginning to have great support from the community. Peter and Leonidas told us that they are receiving food and donations, and they have already begun to distribute them not only in Santa Ana, but in other cities of the country.

The objective of these young people is to provide help throughout the nation. That is why they call on people with good hearts to spread a helping hand to the most needy, these exemplary citizens have attracted the attention of the local and foreign press, since the goal of “Help 4 You”, in addition to providing aid in their country, also wishes to extend beyond national borders and thus add forces with other countries in the region, providing timely help to the neediest communities.

If you want to collaborate with this noble cause, you can contact these young people, on the Facebook page “Help 4 You” In these times of emergency and need, let us show our best feelings of solidarity to all those who go through sorrows and limitations. God bless all people of good will, those who reach out to those most affected during this quarantine season. ”

Together we will get ahead!




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