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The word RACISM is being used today very openly by many individuals. In the past, one used it amongst close friends. Racism is closely characterized by bias, prejudice, and bigotry.

America, as a nation, is committed to the ideal that each individual merits due process which results in equal treatment under the laws of this land. This is an ideal which has not been fully achieved because of racism practiced by those who have authority, influence and power.

Today, one such racist individual is an elected official, namely President, Donald J. Trump, a Republican now being supported by his Republican colleagues in the U.S. Congress.

Many indicators point to President Trump being a racist:

Note that the President’s Advisory Council is entirely WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon Men) with the exception of two individuals – a woman who favors charter schools over public schools, and an African American neurosurgeon who now heads HUD (Housing & Urban Development).

His own words and behavior reveal many traits which characterize racism. When a presidential candidate during 2015/2016, his trumpery (inept and foolishness) was revealed when he said, “Mexicans are criminals; rapists; narco-traffickers; and not Mexico’s best.” When announcing his presidential candidacy, Trump did not use the term “illegal Mexicans”.

It is Trump’s verbal pattern to end pejorative statements with saying something “good”. Trump never told the American people that Mexicans are the “largest group of legal immigrants and new citizens”. He did admit that, “Some Mexicans are good people.”

In my view, it is Trump’s personal values and standards which are in full display through the executive orders guiding the Border Patrol’s handling and treatment of Central Americans seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Children were separated from their parents; traditional practices were modified to require anyone wanting to enter America legally to wait in Mexico until their personal case came up before the immigrant courts (which were severely understaffed). Detention Centers were built by the private sector’, which permitted the Trump Administration to give lucrative contracts to “Friends of Trump”.

Some Border Patrol actions reported by mainstream media rival what Nazi Germany did to the European Jewish people. Many TV news reports displayed the actions being taken to discourage brown-skinned Mexican, Central and South Americans from becoming new immigrants to America.

In my view, many Trump Administration policies did not conform to constitutional American ideals which treat all people with respect and dignity.

Is Donald J. Trump a racist? You decide after considering the following documented events which displayed the aggressive pejorative values which Trump practices routinely:

After visiting El Paso, whose mayor asked him not to come, but he did anyway, “He screamed at his aides to begin producing proof in El Paso that people were happy to see him.” (source: Daily Kos Recommended; 08.14.2019). He realized that those Mexican American citizens (and Mexican Nationals) which he routinely insulted with demeaning terms were able to be civil and unimpressed with his leadership style.

Someone needs to tell Trump that the entire South-Western America (500,000 square miles: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma) was all once national Mexican territory. (Note: the Mexican American War was initiated with falsehoods presented to the U.S. Congress by President Polk, 1844)

Despite Mexico not being an impediment to a United States of America from sea to shining sea under its Manifest Destiny Policy, ill-will has been manifested towards Mexico and Mexicans.

Prominent American leaders who lie or lied about Mexico and Mexicans to steal Mexican real estate, to exploit Mexicans, to subjugate them into legal and political serfdom have been around since President James Polk lied to Congress charging Mexican troops attacked Americans on U.S. territory to today’s President Trump. The lie is the weapon used against Mexicans and all people of color.

The racist, who may be a German neo-Nazi or Jew also exhibits bias and prejudice against Jews from the Ukraine and Russia and Sephardic (Mediterranean) Jews who practice their own form of Judaism.

Of course, a racist must manifest dislike and disapproval of the Jewish State of Israel. This is Trump’s one exception since he befriended Israel’s leader Netanyahu.

Despite confrontations between Americans and Muslim North Africans dating back over 200 years, Americans have not had extensive interaction with worldwide Muslims until WWII.

Yet, Trump wanted to ban immigration from Muslim nations despite the fact that the Muslims that attacked the New York Trade Center on 09.11.2001 were not immigrants. They were 19 Arab terrorists.

The exception was several years of war between American troops that took over the Philippines from Spain in 1900 and native Moros, Filipino Muslims.

The general rule of racist attitudes by Americans has always been based upon religion, color-of-skin, national origin and/or ethnicity.

With Mexico and Mexicans, California real estate has been the foundation of overt war, racist acts and outright lying.

Mexicans have one ingredient that Eastern and Southern Europeans don’t have in their ethnic mix. Most Mexicans (60%), like this writer, are blessed with being part of the “Cosmic Race,” or “La Raza Cosmica.

“La Raza Cosmica” is a mixture of American Indian and European genetics (mostly Spanish). Mix in Roman Catholicism and an Indian portrayal of Mary, Mother of God, i.e. as its native Our Lady of Guadalupe as the patron saint of Mexico, then it is no wonder that the traditional 1840’s Know-Nothing Protestant racist is reborn in the persona of President Donald J. Trump as a biased, bigoted, prejudiced racist.

As stated, my qualifications to define a racist are needed as to who can define racists and racism. I label President Trump a racist; here’s why:

There are very few Blacks and Latinos in his company which reflect many personal choices already made. Donald Trump hired illegal Polish workers to work on the Trump Tower. Not a single local Blacks or Latino.

Donald Trump and his father were sued by the Nixon/Ford Department of Justice for discrimination against Blacks and Puerto Ricans in Cincinnati and New York City housing. The Trumps settlement was in the millions of dollars.

In his announcement for President, Trump declared that Mexico was not sending its “best” to the U.S. Mexico was sending “criminals, rapists and drug dealers,” but that “some” were “nice people.” He never mentioned illegal aliens in those announcements. He proposed building a “great wall” along the U.S.-Mexican border to keep people from entering the U.S. from Mexico and “Mexico will pay” for it.”

He immediately labeled the successful trade agreement in U.S. history (NAFTA: North America Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and America) as a Mexican rip-off of the U.S.A. That is a lie!

Trump criticized a federal judge in San Diego who sentenced Mexican cartel leaders to prison, of not being fair in a case of alleged Trump fraud. He claimed the judge could not be fair because the judge was Mexican. The judge is an American citizen.

From Trumps campaign startup in 2015, Trump said an “invasion” of “animals; thugs; criminals; and murderers were all from Mexico and Central America. No Norwegians, Swedes or Germans.

Trump’s entire history reflects a total dislike of people that don’t look like him. In summary, Trump is a model racist possessing all their essential traits. President Donald J. Trump’s behavior and actions define all racist traits.

Just look at his political appointments. With almost 40 million Mexican Americans in this nation, why couldn’t President Trump find a single man or woman having Mexican heritage to appoint to a highly visible office as a model of public service. NOT ONE isn’t acceptable. REMEMBER NOT TO VOTE FOR TRUMP’S RE-ELECTION.

Reasonable presidents such as Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 found dozens of highly qualified Latinos to appoint; Trump and his Republican colleagues could not find ONE. Not one! INCREDIBLE!