Photo Credit: The Baja California Sur Tourism Board (FITUES)


Baja California Sur has a Magic Town that is unique because of the mystical cuisine, touristic and cultural environment around it. Wandering through the picturesque cobbled streets, participating on artistic events and its closeness to the Pacific Ocean make it a unique location in the middle of the desert. 

Todos Santos is located on the foothill of the Sierra de la Laguna, 75 kilometers, about an hour drive north from Cabo San Lucas where crops and gardens with fruit tress guide your way to a unique location in the state. The average temperature throughout the year ranges between 18°C and 28°C (64.4°F 82.4°F), which contrasts with the climate in the peninsula which is mainly semi desertic. There the sea, desert and mountains make a contrast that is hard to find anywhere else in the state.

This climate allows the production of a wide range of tropical fruits, such as mango, which is one of the most typical within the region. Every year there is a Festival where you can enjoy a wide range of local dishes made with this fruit, along with a varied program of cultural, artistic and sports activities that allow the craft makers and services providers to make their work well known.

Todos Santos was nominated as a Magic Town in 2006, a place with colonial architecture that has great landmarks, such as its oldest building, the “Misión de Nuestra Señora del Pilar” was built by the Jesuits and inside has the “Virgen del Pilar”, which has been modified in the past years. There is also the picturesque theater “General. Manuel Marquez de Leon” with a peculiar Californian architecture, main location for the Film Festival that takes place every year in February.

The stroll around the Magic Town Todos Santos, must begin on the beautiful “Plaza de Armas” to start an artistic tour, since you will find over twenty art galleries well known because of the exhibitions that local, national and foreign artists present during several festivals along with the music and film shows.

It is also important stressing the closeness to the Pacific Ocean, which invites to enjoy the oceanic beaches, perfect to practice surf and sports fishing, such as Punta Lobos, Batequito, Los Cerritos, La Pastora and Sand Pedrito. Thanks to its closeness to the foothill of the Sierra de la Laguna, the destination also offers ecotourism activities such as hiking, trekking, camping and the observation of the plants and wildlife, among others.

The cuisine is mostly based on sea food, but it also includes fruits among its exquisite dishes, such as guava, papaya covered on syrup, pumpkin, grapefruit, sweet potato, lemon, plum and orange. The tomato and papaya jam, the “arepas” made of wheat flour and “piloncillo” and the “coyotas”, typical of this town. There is also great national and international cuisine that few can resist.

Added to this, the magic of Todos Santos would not be such without the hospitality of its people and the relaxed atmosphere of the place, which guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Come to this Magic Town, live Todos Santos!

How to get there…

You can fly to the La Paz airport. Then, you drive through the Transpeninsular highway or the Federal 19, or take a bus to Cabo San Lucas. The roads are quite easy to access and safe. You can also fly to the San Jose del Cabo airport and then drive to La Paz through Cabo San Lucas.