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Photo Credit: La Red Hispana

More than 150 million citizens cast their vote at the polls on November 3, in a historic participation day for the American people. The result was incontrovertible, more than 81 million people voted for now president-elect Joe Biden, and more than 74 million for current president Donald Trump.

 Based on the electoral rules of the United States, former Senator and former Vice President Biden obtained a clear and resounding victory with 306 electoral votes in his favor, against 232 for Trump, a difference well above the regulatory number of 270 electoral votes to win. The presidency.

Although the elections were considered by the Department of Internal Security as the cleanest and most guarded in the country’s history, the president denounced the existence of massive fraud against him. His case was taken to court, including the Supreme Court, and defeated in the absence of evidence.

In some of the disputed states, such as Georgia, an official recount was conducted and the result remained the same: Joe Biden won the election.

In Washington, Congress met on January 6 in a solemn joint session between the House of Representatives and the Senate to certify the election. It was a formal procedure, since under the federalist system of the United States, the states have the full authority to hold and validate the presidential elections.

But a handful of Republicans, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, starred in a sad spectacle contesting the validity of the results in various states of the country, in an effort to please the president and wink at the most Conservatives of the electorate, with a view to the presidential elections of 2024.

Worse still: Hundreds of Trump supporters invaded the Capitol building. It is not only an unacceptable act of intimidation, but possibly an act of sedition.

It is sad and unfortunate that a group of Americans has sought to delegitimize the triumph of Joe Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris, the first woman of color to hold that important position, for the simplest personal political interests.

The president and his followers had the opportunity to present their case in court to prove the existence of a robbery and they lost. His failed strategy to disregard the majority will of American voters can only be described as a national embarrassment. Fortunately, many Republicans refused to join the charade.

At noon on January 20, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States of America and Trump will be remembered as a loser who tried to sabotage the longest-standing democracy on the planet.

The first swearing-in ceremony of the COVID-19 era will be a testament to the strength of America’s institutions and a reminder that defending democracy is an ongoing daily battle.

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