Groups Condemn Michigan Hearings on Voting Irregularities

Mary Schuermann Kuhlman | Public News Service
Michigan certified its election results, with Joe Biden receiving about 154,000 more votes than Donald Trump. Photo Credit: Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

LANSING, Mich. – Some advocacy groups in Michigan are condemning hearings being held by state lawmakers into claims of voter fraud in the Detroit area.

The Senate Oversight Committee spent most of December 1st listening to Republican poll watchers and others who said they witnessed irregularities in the ballot-counting process on Election Day in Detroit.

But Lonnie Scott, executive director of the group Progress Michigan, said he thinks the hearing only served to bolster conspiracy theories and doubt.

“No one has actually spoke to anything that has any proof of fraud or anything credible,” said Scott. “It’s all been a lot of hurt feelings and calls for essentially invalidating Detroit’s vote.”

Some testified that poll workers didn’t correctly verify ballots against qualified voter files, while others argued the chain of custody of ballots was compromised.

Michigan certified its election results, showing President-elect Joe Biden won the state, but President Donald Trump and his supporters have pledged to continue efforts to undermine the results.

Some Democratic senators argued the claims are baseless, and Sen. Peter Lucido – R-Shelby Township – said any evidence of election fraud should be submitted to the Attorney General’s office.

“We’re elected officials,” said Lucido. “But we don’t wear robes and we don’t make decisions on what is going on here. But we will listen to it for policy purposes, to ensure the sanctity and security of the voting system.”

With the second wave of COVID-19 sweeping through the state, Scott contended state lawmakers should instead be focusing on policies that address food and housing insecurity.

“The Republicans are hearing more from conspiracy theorists about election fraud – that has been debunked or dismissed as nonexistent evidence,” said Scott, “instead of taking action on help for folks during the COVID-19 crisis.”

On December 2nd, President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani testified about election irregularities before a Michigan House legislative committee. According to state officials, President-elect Joe Biden secured upwards of 154,000 more votes than Trump.

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