Kids Learn Best When Having Fun

Photo Credit: StatePoint


A child’s education begins the moment he or she is born. Little ones have a lot to learn, but you can help them to reach all their important milestones by making learning fun.

To encourage and enhance learning for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, consider the following:

Change Scenes

A change of scenery can trigger critical thinking skills. So, keep your little ones active, engaged and occupied by taking them places that will inspire curiosity, such as the library, children’s museums, musical performances, the park, zoo and more. Take the time to point out letters, shapes, animals and whatever else you see, to help build vocabulary.

Be Prepared

Take advantage of downtime when you are moving from place to place. Make sure your car and day bag are packed with fun and educational distractions for kids: crayons, construction paper and books, as well as toys designed specifically for on-the-go learning.

Squeeze in Learning

Whether it’s bath time or dinnertime, there are always opportunities for fun and learning at home. During these daily activities, tell stories and jokes, sing songs and practice counting. Plus, there are plenty of waterproof books and toys that can withstand bathtub and highchair playtime.

Transition Wisely

Select versatile learning toys that will transition as your child learns, grows and reaches milestones. For example, the Safari Learning Station is a fun activity center that transforms from the sitting stage to the crawling stage to standing, allowing children to explore first words, numbers, shapes, colors, animals and music.

There’s an entire world kids will want to explore when you make learning fun.