Pelosi Statement on Women’s History Month

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement this week in recognition of Women’s History Month:  

“Each Women’s History Month, Americans pay tribute to the courageous women who have strengthened our great democracy.  We honor the women whose labor and advocacy, leadership and sacrifice have moved America closer to fulfilling our highest ideals. 

“One hundred years ago this year, Jeannette Rankin, a suffragist, became the first woman elected to Congress.  By fighting for and winning the right to vote, women created a more just future for all of our families.  Women at the vanguard of change remind us that nothing is more wholesome to our democracy than the increased participation of women in the political process.   

“As we take pride in a past of progress, let us keep striving to fulfill the promise of equality and freedom for all girls and women by ensuring equal pay for equal work, securing affordable child care, and protecting women’s reproductive health freedoms.  When Women Succeed, America Succeeds.  Let’s act to protect and expand the blessing of equality in our time.  Let’s combat any efforts to deny women the freedom, liberty, and happiness all humans deserve.”