The following are responses to the opinion piece published in EO edition dated March 22, 2016 “DARK MONEY AND ITS SUPPORTER’S IDEOLOGY Based upon Author Jane Mayer’s book “DARK...
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The following are responses to the opinion piece published in EO edition dated March 22, 2016


Based upon Author Jane Mayer’s book “DARK MONEY, The Hidden Story of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right”

Letter to the Publisher dated 04.22.16:

What are we to do?

For the wealthy to flourish all people have to do is NOTHING!

The masses have been conditioned to be jelly fish without a backbone that prefers entertainment instead of education, comfort instead of challenges, gratification instead of perspiration.

We have been led into an apathetic and sedentary lifestyle with no leadership in sight. The wealthy elite, politicians, and corporate merchandisers see us as mindless gluttonous consumption units that will eat and buy anything they dish out.

Leadership needs to come from the citizens . Who will step up?”

-Ruben Garcia, San Jose, CA Sent from his iPhone 04.22.16

“Letter to the Publisher:

Thank you for your op-ed entitled “Dark Money”. It was the first time its development and its supporter’s ideology was explicitly presented. I will try to tell all my friends about this concise presentation. And I will do my best to educate all those with whom I interact.

Most importantly, ordinary folks need to know that their voice is their vote which has not been bought yet… too many still struggle economically and need to vote this year…especially Latino citizens.”

-Elias Chamorro, ESUHSD Administrator (retired), San Martin, CA.

“Hilbert, what you write is consistently cogent and powerful. This piece was no exception. I remember your insight to this issue was the first time anyone had pulled all of the facts together and made an argument for mobilization. For our part, George and I had to pay over $5000 in federal taxes this year. I was/am incensed that these corporations and individuals can skip out on their responsibilities while little folks like us cannot. I am grateful to the hacker who put all of the ‘Panama Papers’ data together and then got it into the right hands. This is what I call responsible journalism. We need more courage and insight when it comes to the media. I hope others will read your thoughts about Dark Money and get motivated (to vote in their own best interests).”

-Trudi Clifton-Vizvary, Palo Alto, CA 04.22.16




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