José López Zamorano | La Red Hispana 
Photo Credit: La Red Hispana

What political party would expel, in a secret ballot, one of its legislative leaders for telling the truth?

What political party would exalt as its moral leader a person who encouraged a violent eruption in the Congress of his country to reverse the result of a legitimate election?

Which political party would reject a measure to allow voters who stand in line for hours in a blazing sun to receive water or a snack?

Which political party would block a bill to expand, reduce the influence of money in politics and create new ethical rules for public officials?

Which political party encourages democracy in the rest of the world, but promotes more than 360 state law initiatives in your own country to restrict the rights of its voters?

Which political party would reject an infrastructure plan to create millions of jobs and accelerate economic recovery after the pandemic?

Which political party believes that offering generous financial relief checks to people affected by COVID-19 in their health and their pockets is largely a waste of public money?

Which political party would seek to derail the bills to avoid unnecessary deaths from firearms?

What political party would be opposed to offering certainty to millions of immigrants who have risked their lives during the pandemic?

What party would remain silent in the face of a public policy to separate minors from their migrant mothers requesting refuge at the border?

A political party with these characteristics and with such political positions that show a lack of humanism, sensitivity, and vision of the future, would be branded as a political organization joke in any country in the world.

Anyone would think that this type of political party would have no real possibilities to govern a multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural country, since many of its views are out of synch with the general opinion of the population.

Because in the imaginary country of that political party, the majority of the population does support the rights of voters, the need for generous immigration reform for millions of families, economic support for the most vulnerable due to the pandemic, and new regulations on firearms.

And those who think that this party does not have a long-term political future are probably right.

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