Medical Services for Older Adults During the Pandemic

Celina Rodríguez | On Lok PACE
San Jose Center. Photo Credit: On Lok PACE

Johara: What On Lok PACE does for seniors is that it allows them to remain in their homes in a safe and healthy manner because we support them with all of their much needed services.

On Lok PACE provides care for the health and well-being of seniors in the Bay Area. Even during the pandemic, On Lok PACE has continued to offer its services in seniors’ homes. Johara Arduz is an Enrolment & Outreach Representative at On Lok PACE, South/ East Bay.

“On Lok PACE is a full-service healthcare program that includes a wide range of services to support seniors to remain living safely at home, in their communities, and to avoid placement in a nursing home for as long as possible” says Johara. “Not only do we assist them with transportation services from their homes to our On Lok center clinics, there’s also space at the centers for physical therapy activities. There’s even a rehab gym and exercise bicycles so they can complete their physical therapy.”

On Lok physicians and nurses are at our center clinics and may provide medical care services via TeleHealth or in person, depending on the needs of each individual senior. The first step in enrolling is to call us, then complete a basic informational questionnaire, and then an appointment is scheduled for an in-home evaluation. An interdisciplinary care team takes care of it all.”

For older adults over 55 with medical needs, On Lok PACE provides an all-inclusive healthcare and supportive services plan. It is recognized as a Medicare and Medi-Cal program. Contact On Lok PACE by calling: 1-866-565-7223.

This story was aired on Celina Rodriguez’s Radio Program, Buenas Tardes Con Celina, on KZSF 1370 AM La Kaliente.