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Esteban Escobedo, Driver for 30 years, On Lok PACE. Photo Credit: On Lok PACE

Esteban: “It’s like a small family in that small shuttle bus.”

On Lok PACE provides care for the health and well-being of seniors in the Bay Area. Even during the pandemic, On Lok continues to offer its services in seniors’ homes. This is the case of Esteban Escobedo, driver for 30 years at On Lok PACE in San Francisco.

“Because for me, the seniors that I would transport to the On Lok PACE center here in San Francisco or to their medical appointments outside of On Lok, were from diverse nationalities across Latin America and we got along so well, you know? It was like a small family in those small shuttle buses. We’d listen to music from their era, we’d tell one another jokes, and over time they would share their anecdotes with me. It was so beautiful, that’s for sure; I miss them and they miss me, too!”

“Ever since I began my job here at On Lok, I immediately came in to contact with the elders whom I admire very much because they have experience, things they’ve endured and lived…it was huge for me because reminiscing is living. I appreciate my friends very much. I know that they consider me a friend, a son or even a grandson. For me, this is more than a job, it’s my life.”

On Lok PACE provides a comprehensive health plan for adults over 55 with medical needs. It is recognized as a Medicare and Medi-Cal program. Contact On Lok PACE by calling their Spanish phone line: 1-866-565-7223.

This story was aired on Celina Rodriguez’s Radio Program, titled Buenas Tardes Con Celina, KZSF 1370 AM La Kaliente.

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