How to send money online to loved ones for Day of the Dead

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Photo Credit: Paysend

Physical gatherings may not be an option in 2020, but your family can still remain connected during Day of the Dead.

In 2017, the Latin American community accounted for nearly 18% of the total population in the United States and has continued to grow since. As we continuously welcome more Latino families to build a home in the US, our culture is becoming a melting pot of traditions and celebrations.

One upcoming tradition is Día de los Muertos, when family and friends join together to pray for and remember those who have died. As the holiday approaches, many families find themselves having to practice the tradition a bit differently this year. Because of social distancing guidelines and limited non-essential travel, families may not be able to physically gather together to celebrate loved ones that have passed.

Just because physical gatherings may be limited in 2020, though, doesn’t mean your family can’t remain connected. Read on to learn how you can celebrate Day of the Dead with your family living internationally.

Fast and easy shipping for sending gifts internationally

Being apart from your family during the holidays can be tough, but there are ways to remain connected even when you aren’t in the same state or even country. If it’s your family’s tradition to share gifts with loved ones during Día de los Muertos, don’t let the difficulty of traveling stop you from celebrating.

Delivery food apps for contributing to celebratory feasts

Food is often a main ingredient when celebrating Day of the Dead among friends and family. It’s no easy task to ship a meal internationally, but food delivery apps offer an innovative way to still contribute to your family’s feast.

While it may not be your mom’s homemade recipe, being able to share in your family’s celebration can warm anyone’s heart – and stomach!

Online money transfers to help your family make the most of the holiday

We understand that many foreign workers in the US have families in their home countries they continue to support and care for financially. If this is true for you, send your family a little extra love during Day of the Dead through easy to use online money transfer services.

And now more than ever, when we can’t physically reunite with families internationally, you want money transfers to be fast and easy. That’s why sending money with Paysend costs a flat transfer fee of just $2 and 75% of our transfers arrive close to real-time.

Be there to celebrate your loved ones this Día de los Muertos and download the Paysend Global Transfers app from the App Store or Google Play to get started.