Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival 2020

Film Highlight: “Tingle Monsters”
Photo Credit: Alexandra Serio

In the short film “Tingle Monsters”, a seemingly popular ASMR vlogger (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has begun a livestream in her new home after moving for undisclosed reasons. A chat box is visible alongside the livestream where we can see the interactions and random content that internet livestreams are known for.

According to the filmmakers, ““Tingle Monsters” looks at how violence against women truly starts with words and how what we say and think about women affects their real-world treatment told through the lens of an ASMR livestream.”

What exactly could happen that would disrupt this vlog? See for yourself in this hyper realistic look at vlogging culture and the pitfalls of internet communities.

Showing before “Disrupted” beginning on Friday March 6, 2020 with additional showings throughout the festival.