Hilbert Morales | EL OBSERVADOR
Photo Credit: Pixabay

It was obvious to me during the Presidential Impeachment Trial that the term impeachment needed a more precise definition and clarification.

When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi initiated the impeachment process when she heard (as did I on the TV program covering this incident) President Trump say to the Ukrainian President that he wanted him to provide a favor by investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, she held up the required Articles of Impeachment for 30 days (one month) just prior to the Christmas/New Year’s 2019 Holidays.

The Articles of Impeachment were two: 1) Obstruction of U.S. Congressional legislative process (via refusal to have members of the Executive’s Office provide documents and pertinent information, and 2) Misuse of the Power and Authority of the U.S. President’s Office for individual personal gain.

The impacts of this impeachment process were several: Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were both required to be present during the “Presidential Impeachment Trial where the U.S. Senate sits as the grand jury. This chamber is dominated and controlled by the Republican Party. Consequently, whatever the Democratic Party controlled, and dominated House of Representatives decides will be presented to the U.S. Senate and probably not result in any effective outcome.

It was reasonable to project and assume that the Republican Senators, who controlled their majority in that Senatorial chamber, would not approve any recommendation to censure President Donald J. Trump some so far, the Republicans have supported their President.

Consider that the State of Iowa was conducting its Election Caucus process at the same time as the Presidential Impeachment Trial. Democratic Party Presidential wannabees Sanders and Warren could not attend even though these two were front-runners along with former Vice President Joe Biden. In the Iowa Caucus process both Sanders and Warren had to use surrogates to proselytize supporters.

The other Democratic Presidential wannabees were provided an opportunity to gain support. In the Iowa Caucus process some 10 or more Democratic Party Presidential wannabees were able to develop their supportive groups and fundraisers. In addition, billionaires Bloomberg and Steyer threw their hats into this election fray. Both spent hundreds of millions of dollars on TV promotions.

It would behoove the Democratic Party leader to initiate some process which would winnow down to a single Democratic front-runner who would be the single Trump adversary and opponent. The presence of 10 or more Democratic Party Presidential campaigners indicated to many how splintered that political party is at this time.

That is the basis of why two billionaires, who could immediately fund very expensive TV advertisement campaigns, entered this process. This led to allegations that these two billionaires could purchase the presidency (if they prevailed and were elected the next U.S. President).

It will take time to reduce the Democratic Party Presidential campaigners down to one or two contenders. In addition to the time burnt up during this winnowing process many expensive resources will be utilized. Meanwhile, the Trump 2020 Campaign group is collecting ample funding already estimated to exceed $100 million. The Democratic Party fundraisers will have a daunting task before them because it seems that presidential political campaigns have become very expensive. The only ones getting ahead are the mainstream TV networks used to broadcast any and all political advertisements.

With the National Primary already scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (only five weeks in the future), the time usually available to encourage a GOTV campaign (Get out the Vote) is very limited and almost non-existent. It is considerations such as these which result in some analysts projecting that Donald J. Trump will be able to be elected for a second 4-year term.

Democratic strategists and fund-raisers now have their daunting challenge before them. One thing is certain: the Hispanic registered voter will not support the re-election to a second term of Donald J. Trump. After all, is Trump not the Republican 2016 Presidential Candidate and campaigner who pejoratively stated that Mexicans were “rapists, criminals, and violent killers”; Trump also supports building that Wall despite the U.S. Congress not funding such a project.

In addition, The Trump Administration has been less than competent when dealing with those refugees from the Americas who show up at the Mexican-U.S.A. border entry points asking for ‘asylum.

In the past Asylum seekers could reside in American jurisdictions while awaiting the legal and administrative asylum process. Not so today. All are asked to continue residing in Mexico or Central America. Meanwhile, along the Canadian-U.S.A. border, northern Europeans and others can enter America almost at will and whenever. Is this not a double standard? Therefore, registered voters of color will not support election of Donald J. Trump to a second term. This is especially true for those registered voters of Mexican culture and heritage.