Hilbert Morales | EL OBSERVADOR
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On Christmas Eve, 24 December 2019 I attended Episcopal Church services at All Saint’s Episcopal Church in Palo Alto. Forty years ago, this church would have been full, but in keeping with the decline in church attendance nationwide, the empty pews were evident.

Those attending were families with children. Parents continue to value their religious faith because it is where individuals, especially children, first learn about religion, faith issues, and the Decalogue (10 Commandment). All of these issues are discussed in church – though parents are the first to demonstrate the wisdom and civil impact resulting from following the 10 Commandments.

However, Christmas is the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in the humble setting of a manger, because there was no room available at local inns.

This fable continues to be presented over a three year cycle because in those times, Romans were the dominant governing. Strict Roman law was enforced by Rome’s military forces. Roman citizens had many advantages and civic privileges. The rest of us heathens did not. And, much like today, the Law of the Romans was harsh if you were not a Roman citizen. American citizens do not realize their advantages until they are denied them.

It was Jesus Christ, who after staying at home and minding his Mother Mary (and Father Joseph), began to expose both Roman citizens and all heathens to a more considerate application of the Law.

His first major assertion was to throw the moneylenders out of the Church of God. The next was to instruct the elders about the application of a new approach to being faithful. “Give to God, the Things that are God’s; And to Mankind, the things that Mankind created following insights and understandings.”

My daughter Linda was curious about our family history. So, she had DNA samples analyzed. Mine revealed that I was definitely indigenous American: Mexican (Zapotec) with 56% certitude. An additional 28% of my DNA could be traced back to the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish genomes). I do not know if that genetic analysis will do me any good. It is simply interesting. And it is good to know that my antecedents all were indigenous to this American continent.

So does this information entitle me to tell those white supremacists (especially Mr. Trump) that they may have to put up with us because we are indigenous? I do not think so. However, I now have more evidence which establishes that I belong here. And so, do all who are related to me.
What will ensure that I get to stay here with my primordial background?

It will be my participation in this Democracy! All I must do, along with all of you, is to participate by voting. We get to select our government representatives by voting for them. As our elected representatives, all elected officials are beholden to their electorate.

The most important action each of us, who are registered voters, can do is to participate with our votes. When we, as individuals, do our homework (due diligence), we can collectively select representatives whose connections are to those of us who voted them into office. So do not give up to all that advertisement by special interests who want to exploit this American nation, its working class, and its natural resources.

The most important resolution each of us can make for the New Year 2020, is to decide to vote in our own best interests. We all need to take time necessary to learn about the many issues before voting!

When our community votes, the community is officially defining and stating its priorities. At that time, our priorities are being established. During a prior election (2018), some 6,000,000 voters did not record their opinion, so they helped a minority who support Donald Trump to elect him as the President of the United States of America.

Had those 6,000,000 non-voters voted, Hillary Clinton would have been the first woman elected President of the USA. Instead, Trump was elected by very small margins through the electoral college vote.

As a person, most of us voters would not want to associate with Donald J. Trump. As a business mogul who was elected President, he has used his business acumen to ensure high employment rates and the current high-performance economy. Many voters would vote to re-elect Trump into a second 4-year term. Unfortunately for Trump, when he publicly impeded the smooth regular operations of the U.S. Congress; when he encouraged certain individuals to not respond to subpoenas issued by the U.S. Congress, Trump had conducted impeachable actions.

It was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who properly imposed the two Articles of Impeachment. One was for impeding the work of the U.S. Congress and the second Article of Impeachment was for misuse of his Presidential Authority and Powers. The House of Representatives, which has a Democratic majority, supported these two Articles of Impeachment which now need to be presented to the U.S. Senate for their consideration and action per the U.S. Constitution.

I am reasonably certain, that an impeached president may not campaign for a second 4-year term. The final disposition of this issue is in the hands of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she has not yet forwarded the official House Impeachment Action to the Senate for their consideration and action.

All of this makes for a very interesting Presidential Election 2020 Campaign Process. It is during the 2020 Presidential Election process that the next President of the United States of America will be determined by those registered voters who actually vote.

Please make your own personal commitment to participate as a voter during 2020 by actually voting. Keep in mind that when you do not vote, you have supported the other side. So, it is very important that each of you registered voters remembers to actually vote going into the eve of this new decade.