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During this Advent season we all have so much to get done and be thankful for this 2019 year. To me, continued support of EO and its staff is at the top of the list. Thank you all for making our continuing operations possible. Those EO readers who want to be supportive might seriously consider contributing $20 by sending a check made out to El Observador Foundation, Inc., 1042 West Hedding, Suite 250, San Jose, CA 95126. All funds received will be used to support its SJSU Latino journalism interns.

I thank all supporters in advance for helping EOs operations with your classified advertisements, legal notices, and display advertisements.

Your support ensures EO will continue to be an independent publication which continues to provide truthful, factual, and useful information. This information distribution process has permitted our community’s members to become informed advocates who ensure that your priorities and input are included in any and all decision-making processes.

This is very important now because 2020 is an election year. All candidates, both local, state and national, will be enabled to be this community’s advocate and lobbyist who fight for our community’s children and families. They become our future advocates and representatives in all manner of things.

Your support is especially crucial right now. We, The People, must push back extreme corporate special interests.

We must support and enable those advocates, such as EO, to continue to remind elected officials who were supported by our votes, that the abundant resources of this American nation were not intended to become the property of a privileged few.

Recently, a report from the Urban Institute explained that the Trump Administration is on the verge of taking food benefits away from 3.7 million impoverished individuals. In Pennsylvania alone, 288,500 people would lose access to benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) under the Trump administrations new rules.

In California, EO estimates some 3 million low-income impoverished working poor individuals would lose access to SNAP food stamps.

As one food bank employee told NBC News, “food shouldn’t be a luxury. I’ll do everything I can to stop these rules from taking effect, but I need help once again from ordinary residents who are making it. And too many of those who are making it do so one paycheck at a time, month to month.”

Will you join me in demanding the Trump administration immediately withdraw their new rules? Do this by phoning both Senators: Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris. Have them tell President Trump and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: “Don’t take food from children and families.”

Learn to communicate to your elected officials what your personal values and concerns are. Your communications will influence their decisions.

Before phoning your senator or house member, practice what you are going to say at least three times. It takes that much repetition to ensure that when you do phone, your voice will convey your message in your natural voice and tempo. Coming across with your own personal authority requires a little bit of practice.

The first thing to do is to assemble your thoughts so that you will communicate your concerns with confidence and accuracy. Then those elected officials and their office staff will think of you as being competent and important. That is the impression you want to project. Understand that it comes with thought and practice.

Call Senator Kamala D. Harris at (202) 224-3553 and Senator Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841. Demand they allocate AT LEAST $600 million in funding for election security.

Here is an example script you can use:

“Hello, my name is (say your full name here), calling from (Say your ZIP Code). We MUST ensure fair elections in 2020. I strongly urge you and your colleagues to follow the Houses lead and allocate $600 million in funding for election security. Thank you.”

Once you complete your first phone call, the next one will become easier.

Individuals, especially those who are from modest circumstances, are the ones whose opinions and observations are most valued by elected officials. WHY? It is very simple: You represent the silent middle class whose votes elected them in the first place!

In this American Democracy, certain ideals can be achieved. Such as “One person: One Vote”. Another is: “Equal treatment under the laws of this land”. Another is “Everyone, including the President, is subjected to all the laws of this land. No exceptions”. And, most importantly, we all have access to opportunities which we may seek on our own. The freedoms enjoyed by all American residents were acquired and established over time.

At one time, Royalty (the King and Queen) had royal privileges which were not enjoyed by ordinary subjects. With the setting aside of Royalty (as in the United Kingdom), each resident no longer was considered to be a subject, but, rather, a citizen or resident.

In a democratic republic, such as America, each citizen has the responsibility to vote in her/his own best interests. And, when a community votes, the majority rules.

On another note, remember that during this 2019 Holiday Season, many parties will provide the opportunity to meet others. Some of those encounters will end up becoming friends who talk to each other; and who listen to each other. Over time, respect and dignity are experienced. Those feelings end up being very enjoyable and satisfying.

Now prepare to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019 followed by a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!