4 tips from Leslie Grace for radiant skin this summer

Photo Credit: Unsplash

If we know anything about Leslie Grace, the American singer and actress of Dominican origin, she is a woman with many talents. Experiment with different styles and presume their natural beauty.

This summer opt for a natural and radiant “look” that highlights your healthy skin and hair. To achieve this style, Leslie combines the following beauty and health habits throughout the season.

Take a lot of water

“To look bright and healthy, it is vital to drink lots of water,” said Leslie. “In the summer we get dehydrated more easily by spending more time abroad. By staying hydrated, we help our body to function better, which results in a youthful and radiant skin. For more freshness and nutrients, I also recommend adding pieces of lemon or other fruits to your glass of water. “

Use a moisturizer and sunscreen

“Although it seems heavy to use moisturizers on hot days, it’s important to keep your skin nourished under the sun,” Leslie said. “I always opt for a light cream or gel and apply it with the tips of my fingers giving small bumps around the face. I also recommend applying more product through the cheekbones to illuminate the face. To protect my skin, I never fail to look for facial creams and lip balms with SPF, since I am always traveling and exposed to the sun. “

Light up your face

“Antioxidants are a key food for a beautiful and healthy skin during the summer. The fruits of the forest are a good example of foods with antioxidants that can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. I love strawberries, but I know that some fruits can stain my teeth. For this reason, I recommend my favorite Colgate Optic White High Impact toothpaste because its main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. “

Wear your natural hair in summer

“My hair forms a very important part of my identity and complements any style I try. Although I experiment with different trends in hairstyles during the year, this summer I will wear my natural curly hair to complement my radiant complexion. In this way I take advantage of the high temperatures to give a break to the treatments and let my hair take a natural shape, “said Leslie.