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Information Technology has changed dissemination of good, factual, truthful and useful information in ways that were not foreseen. EO readers are encouraged to google and read the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the U.S. Constitution to personally acquire direct knowledge of these two documents.


If American Democracy is to be adopted by more nations throughout the world, then the American version needs to become known and practiced by its residents. Its citizenship is being suppressed by efforts of certain white supremacists and oligarchists who want to ensure that their Anglo-Saxon folks continue to be the dominant political decision-makers in America.


Residents need to know firsthand that the original ideal of one vote which is counts per registered citizen is the basic law and ideal of this American nation. America is the largest and oldest democracy on earth which provides governance by the people, for the people, and with the people as first described this way by former President Abraham Lincoln in The Gettysburg Address.


There are today those who support this ideal of governance, but I would be remiss not to inform you that certain groups are working diligently to suppress having an accurate census. An accurate resident count which includes all who reside in existing state jurisdictions. It is the state which registers citizens as voters; it is the Federal government which decides who is a documented resident or undocumented plus who is qualified to become a Naturalized Citizen”. Those individuals who were born in established jurisdictions (including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia) have citizenship by birthrights.


Keep in mind that the 2020 Census ideally must count all residents, whether citizens or not; whether undocumented or not. The goal is to count each individual resident living within the American National borders. The 2020 Census data is not shared with any federal or state jurisdiction.


All those who are counted (i.e., participate) are assured that their personal information is not provided to any other jurisdiction, such as the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Every residential individual (including all young children) must be counted. The goal is a total count of all residents regardless of their legal residential status.


A correct count is used to determine how many elected officials will be in the House of Representatives” (based upon total resident count). Each State is represented by only two Senators in the U.S. Senate. It is the House and the Senate who vote approval (or rejection) of all allocations of resources to different federal programs. An undercount will lower the level of funding for programs which address health care; education; housing, and infrastructural services.


Voter suppression has been implemented in those states having conservative Republicans in office as Governors. Gerrymandering, Jim Crow laws, limitation of precinct poll stations, and setting inconvenient times to vote, these are all ways to suppress the votes cast during any election.


Those state jurisdictions which are designed to ensure that one political party has an advantage is undoubtedly gerrymandered. Too often the redistricting is done by a commission whose members have a conflict of interest. It is best not to have any elected official appointed as a member of any redistricting commission may be guilty of having a conflict of interest. It is best to have redistricting commissions which have no elected officials appointed as members.


There is a need to have voting rights advisory commissions whose purpose is to provide community input and perform monitoring or oversight efforts which ensure that a jurisdiction’s Registrar of Voters performs in an even-handed fair manner. No groups of votes should ever be lost or remain uncounted. Adequate numbers of ballots need to be printed and made available at each and every polling site.


And no political advocacy can be allowed in and near all polling sites. Most importantly, the Registrar of Voters must routinely purge the registered voter listing to remove those voters who have moved elsewhere or died. And the voting procedure must ensure that each and every voter has only one ballot.


Vote-by-Mail systems could be made available to those voters who would have difficulty in getting to a polling site during any election. A few states already employ vote by mail ballots delivered to all registered voters as this enables each and every registered voter to cast a ballot at their convenience and without loss of a day’s wages (very important for low income citizens).


The 2020 Census is very important because of the need to have proportional representation which results in having elected officials who look out for the welfare of all its residents as well as doing those responsible actions which ensure a sustainable nation.


It is when a supermajority (in excess of 65%) of all registered voters support a public policy proposal that the power of the people is expressed. Collective power is akin to collective bargaining (negotiation).


Having a very good 2020 census which becomes the foundation of one vote per person is essential to resisting the global trends to having authoritarian leaders. It takes commitment and involvement to sustain this American Democracy in which WE, THE PEOPLE have attained the highest standard of living in the world’s only Democratic super-power.


Remember, in a Democracy each of us can improve things for our family, our community and its cultural values. It is very possible to sustain a diverse population in peace and security. American Democracy is still a work in progress as we perfect Constitutional rule of law and order while retaining and having all civil rights as individuals.