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On June 6, 1944 the WWII invasion termed “D-Day” initiated the battle between good and evil forms of governance. President Trump needs to be informed that 60 American citizens of Mexican heritage earned their Congressional Medal of Honor during WWII (the largest number for any ethnic group).

Those Mexican-American served this American nation with their service, valor and lives. Trump is visiting France’s Normandy Beach where an estimated 9,300 American soldiers were killed in action while securing the Omaha Beach for further landings.

The evil Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were defeated by superior Allied military forces during WWII. Mexican citizens participated in the Bracero Program to harvest crops because our American men were fully engaged in this WWII effort between good and evil.

It is this battle which is still going on as exemplified by Mr. Trump’s use of import-export Tariffs today.

Import-export tariffs are a repressive tax which invariably gets paid by the American Consumer when purchasing imported goods from those nations to which the tariff has been assessed. Tariff wars result; manufacturing is curtailed when reciprocity is used as a reprisal.

The resulting tariff wars decrease international trade resulting in closure of factories whose productivity is no longer needed. Unemployment results with its impact on a family’s income. In the past, efforts at this sort of isolationism has resulted in much human misery which accompanies the economic recession caused by the initial executive decision to use import-export tariffs to change international trade situations.

Trump first applied import-export tariffs to the international trade between China and America. Today, Trump is going “full throttle”  in his trade war against China by skyrocketing tariffs on Chinese goods, such as steel and aluminum. Those tariffs end up getting paid by the American consumer when these retail products are purchased.

Let us be clear: The effects of this trade war could damage our economy for years to come and cost Americans BILLIONS of dollars.

Congress MUST act now. So progressive citizens must urge Congress to intervene and end Trump’s trade war, and now include the mis-application on the American trade activities with Mexico, who is this nation’s large international trade partner (and our neighbor).

Trump’s tactics are those of a bully. He is telling Mexico to stop those refugees originating from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to the American-Mexican border where they are asking for asylum from gangs, drug cartels and impotent local governance.

He ignores the historical reality that this area was exploited by those Banana firms who left nothing behind for decades. In addition, American foreign policy supported oppressive dictators which did not establish local democratic governance.

Our leaders must take into considerations our American role in developing the dire dangerous climate in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

T.J.Cox (aka: Terrance John Cox, Democrat, CA District 21, Fresno) is an American engineer, businessman, and politician serving as the U.S. Representative from California’s 21st congressional district. T.J. Cox has proposed a “Marshall Plan” effort to deal with the current community safety and security issues extant in those three Central American nations.

The U.S. Congress and Mr. Trump need to address the lack of good governance, help establish community safety & security, and develop an economy in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. When their citizens can live and work at home, their need to seek asylum is mitigated.

The article recently published by the San Francisco Chronicle: “Trump’s Mexico tariffs could have huge impact on California” is right on.

Trump’s trade war with China has already devastated California’s Central Valley agricultural economy. The export of soybeans, rice, and almonds has been curtailed – plus China is finding alternative suppliers.

Last week, Trump began threats to make things even worse by imposing more import-export tariffs on Mexican goods — a move that local farmers are calling another “disaster” in the making. In his ignorance, Trump is messing with the development of the global economy which would enhance world peace. Nations who trade with each other tend not to go to war with their foreign trade partners. Diplomacy would trump “military knee-jerk”  reactions.

Here’s the truthful reality: Trump’s import-export tariffs are just a tax increase on the American people by another name. This plan would punish working families with higher food prices, and it would make it harder for American businesses to sell our products abroad. I do not support Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Mexico, China or any nation without a check & balance endorsement by the U.S. Congress.

The Mid-Western Mississippi Valley watershed and California’s Central Valley economies have suffered long enough under Trump’s trade policies, that’s why I strongly oppose imposing any tariffs. Mexican goods, especially auto parts, are fully integrated with America’s auto industry. Plus the tariff approach undercuts the Canadian and Mexican Trade Agreements (formerly NAFTA).

Immediate actions are proposed to demonstrate to Mr. Trump that there are consequences to his executive actions which do not serve our nation. The first and foremost: Latinos, especially those of Mexican heritage, need to seriously consider not supporting with their votes Trump’s re-election to a second term.

The U.S. Congress must begin to perform its essential check and balance monitoring and oversight responsibilities as already stipulated in the U.S. Constitution. Priority must be given to establishment of a statute of limitations (recommend 24 months after leaving the oval office) wherein a former President may be indicted for felonious criminal acts undertaken with his/her knowledge and participation.

In my analytic estimations, I would not undertake any immediate impeachment actions which would provide much grist for his “Tweet Mill”, plus take too much time. The 2020 presidential election would be upon us sooner than a successful impeachment process.

Besides, the presidential election gives us all an opportunity to speak without vote (rather than with our advertisement monies). Let’s DUMP TRUMP as soon as feasible. Let’s resolve to show him that American citizens of Mexican heritage really do count.

And we are very much against THAT WALL, his pejorative demeaning words, and total lack of dignified, respectful, civil leadership for this American nation and this world. SO LET’S DUMP TRUMP!!