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Hilbert Morales

We, The People want a government that governs all of us fairly in the right way at all local, county, state and federal jurisdictions. We, The People expect all communications to us to be explicitly factual, truthful and useful. Many of us, especially former military service veterans (of which I am one who experienced incidents when this nation’s elected leaders used fabrications which led this nation into war. Historical records reveal that former President Polk used a fabrication to initiate the Mexican- American war which ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

President Lyndon B. Johnson used a fabricated incident (Gulf of Tonkin) to initiate military actions in Vietnam. President George W. Bush initiated the war on Iraq using untrue reports about weapons of mass destruction’.

Recently, President Trump used abusive language in dealing with North Korea, which is developing long range ballistic misses. Trump also unilaterally withdrew America from the Nuclear Weapons Control Agreement which may have opened the path to continued development of nuclear weapons development by Iran. While serving in Japan, I and six buddies took a train ride from Yokahama down to Hiroshima to see for ourselves the devastation of a primitive atomic bomb which killed 125,000 humans with a single atomic warhead blast. The devastation was still quite evident two years after that initial atomic blast happened. America, along with several other nations uses resources to sustain and maintain their ICBMs as deterrents.

Mr. Trump delivered a large $100,000,000 award to Saudi Arabia to underwrite its purchases of military weapons…some are being used against Yemen causing much civilian travail and suffering. I understand that America exports large quantities of bombs and small arms used by other national militia to conduct wars such as those against the Taliban and in Syria. We, The People do not know the extent to which our tax funds are used to conduct small wars elsewhere. Our past foreign policy supported dictators in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. All in the name of America’s national security. We, The People are not informed because much of this information is classified’ – but it detracts from our nation’s capacity to promote world peace and prosperity.

So, I am concerned about the military industrial complex about which President Dwight Eisenhower warned this nation. The Pentagon has distributed its contractual agreements in such a way that it has economic influence in every American jurisdiction. In addition, the CIA and the military have operations at many strategic worldwide locations. A Pax Americana has resulted since December 1946 when WW II’s end was declared by U.S. Congress.

America’s Congress has given the President the authority to respond to any nuclear ICBM attack…which is why a military attaché is always close by the President carrying that RED BUTTON which initiates this nation’s response.

Under the Trump Administration, only the Department of Defense’s budget was increased; all other agencies budgets were curtailed. The 2017 IRS tax reform reduced taxes which the wealthy and corporations pay (which are permanent) while those tax reductions for wage earners were temporary. (An example of the double standard applied by this Republican Administration which favors the wealthy and corporations while neglecting the needs of the average American resident. The reason programs which underwrite Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are to be cut back to balance thenational budget on the backs of the middle class whose wages have been at the same level since 1975.

My observations form the basis for the following question: “IS AMERICA PREPARING TO GO TO WAR?” Is that why CIC (commander in chief) is emphasized by the Trump Administration while CEO (Chief Executive Officer) authority and responsibility is hardly ever mentioned. OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION CLEARLY ESTABLISHES THAT ONLY THE U.S. CONGRESS HAS THE AUTHORITY TO DECLARE WAR. It is time that the U.S. Congress re-establish itself as having that responsibility and authority. I bring this up, because Mr. Trump is the most unreliable, unstable and unpredictable CIC/CEO this nation has ever had as its President. Trump has no prior public service experience and has no military service record at all.

As America’s CEO/CIC, Mr. Trump’s actions and words, which matter, have undermined many established institutions. Examples are his demeaning fake news and the Press is the enemy’; his use of Alternative facts which have no scientific basis. One publication’s fact checking reporters established that Mr. Trump voices at least 9 lies per day. Truth, integrity, and honesty are the bedrock of trustful dialogue.

There is much evidence to establish the very low level of humane behavior Mr. Trump has practiced. His targets have been women; persons of color; other nations and his inability to live up to any civilized standard of behavior which does not demean the integrity and character of other individuals. His capacity to avoid responsibility, facts and tradition is boundless. Trump uses character assassination to discredit those who are not loyal or subservient to him. He seeks appointees who declare loyalty to him before being loyal and patriotic to America.

We, The People will have an opportunity to use our numerous individual votes as poison darts which convey our dis-like and dis-satisfaction with his Trump Administration.

This coming Tuesday, November 6, 2018 is the Midterm Election where We, The People may demonstrate that a vote for the election of a Democratic Majority in both chambers (Senate and House) of the U.S. Congress is the outcome of the decisions made independently. These votes of ours, aggregated in very large numbers, will convey our values. They will form the base of the public opinions which redirect the goals and objectives of America’s DEMOCRACY. WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE AMERICA GREAT.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco, CA) and her colleagues will use the first month to quickly re-establish the programs curtailed by Trump executive orders. Progressive program dealing with health (Medicare & Medicaid) plus prescription drug high costs will be addressed; education and vocational training programs; strategies to increase available affordable housing; infra-structures will be repaired and improved to facilitate travel and commerce; etc. Pelosi will provide President Trump with an opportunity to govern all Americans effectively in accord with the Checks & Balances already detailed by the US Constitution which is the Law of this Land. Public policy will be debated openly. All individuals, both corporate and persons will be required to pay a fair share of taxes which will be transparently used to perform those services which government does best for the greater good.

With a democratic majority in the house and hopefully in the senate, We The People will begin to receive governance implemented with honesty, truthfulness, and effective use of scientific knowledge. For this to be very successful each and every registered voter must deliver their ballot to their registrar of voters. Your ballot is the point of the spear which penetrates and puts an end to “Trumpism” evils. So be certain to vote this coming Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Know that collectively in solidarity We, The People will reclaim those ideals already embodied in the U.S. Constitution, and our kids’ future will be ensured; they will be proud, and we will feel a satisfaction that is good. GOD GAVE US ALL REASON AND MORAL PLUS ETHICAL STANDARDS WHICH ENSURE THAT OUR WORLD MAY YET ACHIEVE PEACE AND TRANQUILITY. We The People may earn this all by delivering our ballots, so be certain to VOTE!