Reaching Out Will Distribute Christmas Food To 5,000+ Needy Families


Reaching Out

SAN JOSE, CA—The Reaching Out Food Center at the Cathedral of Faith will hold their annual ‘Celebration of Love’ Friday, December 22 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Over 2,500 grocery carts full of food will be distributed that day. During the entire month of December, 5,000 grocery carts full of food will be distributed, including turkeys, fresh produce, vegetables, milk, bread, and pastries, to needy families. The retail value of the distributed food is $2,000,000.

“This year, we’ve seen a much greater demand in our services,” said Jim Gallagher, Reaching Out’s director. The mostly-volunteer organization, which operates out of a debt-free, 16,000 square foot distribution center on the Cathedral of Faith campus, provides emergency food and basic life necessities for over 160,000 economically disadvantaged. Over 500 volunteers will be on hand at the event Dec. 22 to provide assistance to food recipients. This year Reaching Out has also partnered with 37 local public schools that see a need for food for their students’ families. Reaching Out provides food monthly to needy families at these schools.

The Celebration of Love Food Distribution on Dec. 22 event takes about two hours to pull off— with the help of hundreds of volunteers from the church congregation. More than 5,000 vouchers are being distributed to recipients over the next month, and each will present their voucher to receive their food. “No one will be turned away,” Gallagher said.

For more information about Reaching Out or the Cathedral of Faith, log onto, or contact Jim Gallagher, Director, at 408-979-3090 or