Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day (Día de Gracias), take time to appreciate the many blessings in your life. In this mercenary and predatory competitive Silicon Valley community, many are totally involved, engaged and committed to ‘making as much money as possible. As an outcome, many individuals burn out chasing that monetary idol; from the effort to get ahead; to be perceived as successfully wealthy.

I have observed this secular society develop since 1960. One observation: Back then my parish had over 600 parishioners who made (and paid) annual pledges. Today, that number is less than 100 even though newly married couples and their kids are beginning to attend again.

A lot goes on in a parish…the most important being the continuing education regarding the Decalogue (Ten Commandments). Many individuals never realize that the first four commandments deal with one’s personal relationship with GOD (if you are not an infidel, i.e. a non-believer). The fifth through the tenth commandments have to do with one’s relationship to other humans, beginning with your parents. Have you honored your father and mother lately?

The next five commandments deal with not committing adultery (almost laughable today since affairs are well publicized). Then the dictums: DO NOT STEAL; DO NO MURDER; DO NOT BE A FALSE WITNESS; AND DO NOT COVET YOUR NEIGHBOR’S PROPERTY. If all of us followed these simple basic rules, a civil order would exist.

All issues between you and someone else make up human relationship. Though America began as a Protestant Christian nation, we now have those who believe and practice other faiths: Muslim, Buddhists, Shintoists, etc. A comparative religion would help you understand all have some form of these relationship standards with GOD and with other individuals.

Many of us take this universe including this earthly planet for granted. Science and technology, developed recently, establish that our global climate is warming. However there are individuals in leadership positions who are in total denial. I personally have witnessed several glacial retreats at Glacier National Park (an inadvertent observation using photos taken from the same place several years apart) … that glaciers definitely are melting. I accept the premise that the ocean levels are rising.

If I accept reports made by astronomers who observed the universe is still expanding, I wonder if this expanding universe is evidence that GOD is still at work? One’s personal faith influences the answer.

While many will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal at home or with friends, the bounty of agricultural harvests is evident. Still there are the hungry and homeless.

The challenge being faced today is that there is much inequity in the distribution of wealth. Something is very wrong when 1% (the very wealthy) own 45% of everything, much of which they had nothing to do with its creation. These investment owners just want profits from the Gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, mercury, lead, lithium, rare earth ores, natural gas and crude oil… all taken from earthly deposits. Can you imagine Silicon Valley without silicon (sand)? Or its electronics without electrons? And water fit to drink is in short supply (despite recent experience with the droughts).

So many of us are ‘persons of great faith’ without realizing that we take for granted that reliable

behavior of electrons whose features are used by our electronic devices. Consider that those electrons are present throughout this universe. Electrons exist everywhere in this universe.

So, let’s give thanks to GOD this Thanksgiving Day 2017, and then plan our efforts to be the first to take advantage of sales of electronic devices, clothing, and other items which will be gifts for members of the family, friends and associates.

Marketing professionals have been creative in distracting us from being appreciative of the wonders which exist all around us – wonders that we humans did not create. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are marketing events designed to make it easier to be a conspicuous consumer who buys goods and services. Some of us think we ‘save money’ by purchasing an item on sale; we have forgotten we paid for those items and the purveyor still made profits.

On November 23, 2017 take time to acknowledge that you have achieved whatever you feel you accomplished with the assistance and support of many others around you who really care about you. And do ‘Thank GOD’ for the bounty enjoyed by many. I recommend that we all pay more attention to those who use their elected authority, power and influence to legally steal this wealth from all of ‘us grunts’ who labored to create that wealth.

We need to become very committed to the effort which creates and supports the governmental agencies which use tax revenues to assist the disabled, unemployed, homeless, and impoverished. There are enough resources on this earth; the sun reliably provides more solar energy than all humanity will ever use.

If we address the equitable challenges faced today, all may be resolved by building the infrastructures needed to fairly distribute what individuals and families need in a very sustainable manner. What becomes an obstacle is the practice of ownership when a better approach is that of practicing good Samaritan stewardship in a very reliable and sustainable manner.

The greed and avarice which are today’s obstacles lead to conflict and war. Those who are willing to practice good Samaritan stewardship will enjoy a good life and be blessed by those who receive assistance.

This 2017 Thanksgiving Day, think about the changes you need to support in a sustainable manner to achieve peace on earth; to avoid man-made fire and fury which is destructive; and to be very thankful for the freedoms enjoyed in this Democratic nation which must be sustainably supported by ‘We, The People’ who do the work; who have the insights; and who are willing to share the bounty of this nation and this earthly home.

We, who are stewards know that we cannot enjoy all the resources that Divine Providence made and provided access thereto. It will take disciplined focus and effort to achieve the peace and satisfaction possible.

The secular mercenary approach of conspicuous consumption practiced on Black Friday and Cyber Monday distract us from the achievement of fairly distributing the essential resources needed by all of us in a fair and equitable system which is sustainable using those resources which we did not create. Let’s take care of our needy; let’s repulse the greedy. Let’s vow to enjoy what Divine Providence provides consistently and reliably. Even in these challenging times GOD has blessed America.