Hour of Code: From Nor Cal to So Cal

Photo Credit: Stratford School

Stratford School’s 8th Graders Mentor Preschoolers In Virtual Classroom Storytelling/Coding Project 

On Friday, December 9th, preschoolers at Stratford School’s Melrose campus in Los Angeles used video conferencing to connect with 8th graders at the San Jose Middle School campus. These two classes came together in a virtual classroom collaboration, to write and animate a story using the computer coding skills they’re learning as part of Stratford’s unique and balanced STEAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

The activity was part of “Hour of Code”, a global event put together by Code.org. All 23 Stratford School campuses participated in the seven-day, world-wide event.

This event was created to give students the opportunity to learn more about computer science, and show how this practice can increase overall problem- solving skills, logic and creativity. Organizers expect tens of millions of students to participate world-wide every year.

“As part of our balanced curriculum infused with fine arts and foreign language, we’re teaching our students programming skills starting as young as age three,” said Monisha Gupta, senior director of curriculum and instruction at Stratford School. “We believe it’s important that our students go beyond just being consumers of technology to becoming creators of the technology tools they use every day.”

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