Claudia Ruiz Massieu

Delivers speech on the presence of Mexico in the United States

Washington / D.C.

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, delivered a speech on June 6th in Washington, D.C. before a conference of leaders of the Jewish community in the United States. In her remarks, she highlighted the strategic value of Mexico to the United States and its society, as well as the daily contributions of Mexican and Mexican-American communities to the economy, prosperity, well-being, and security of the country.

During the closing session of the Annual Meeting of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Secretary Ruiz Massieu underscored the close friendship forged between the Jewish community and Mexico inside and outside of the United States, sustained by shared solidarity, prosperity, and their backing of one another in times of adversity.

The Jewish and Mexican diasporas are two of the most important of their kind in the United States and their common future is built each day in this country.

Secretary Ruiz Massieu referred to the tradition of open doors to foreign immigrants which Mexico and the United States have shared since the past century and underscored how, as any neighbors, they have learned to work together and respect one another.

“It is a constant job that sometimes presents us with challenges, but it also unites us in terms of our values and common interests which has given us the strength we need to forge ahead and overcome fear and suspicion. Today, our border is a source of prosperity and opportunities for both our countries,” she said.

This year, the Annual Meeting of the AJC celebrated 110 years of work in the United States.

Secretary Ruiz Massieu shared the podium with U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and with Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Ruiz Massieu mentioned that each of them were an example of the way in which societies are strengthened by empowering women and granting them access to positions of influence as decision makers.

Also in the audience were the 50 heads of the Mexican Consular Network in the United States, who are participating in a meeting in Washington to relaunch the work their consular representations do to promote the empowerment of the Mexican community in the United States.  

The Foreign Secretary called on everyone to fight discrimination, not just in this country but throughout the world, one of the commitments of global responsibility that Mexico assumes to defend humanitarian causes and the dignity of all persons.