Santa Clara County Voters’ Can Renew Parks Funding on June 7 Ballot

Approval of Measure A will continue dedicated funding for parks without raising taxes
Sanborn Park Nature Trail. Photo Credit: José González


On June 7, 2016 voters will once again have an opportunity to demonstrate their support for the acquisition, development, and operation of regional parks for everyone in Santa Clara County. With approval, Measure A will continue the Park Charter Fund, ensuring a critical local, stable funding source for Santa Clara County Parks until 2032.

Measure A is NOT a new or additional tax – it simply dedicates a small portion of existing property tax revenue for County Parks. The Park Charter Fund equates to about 1% of the County’s total budget, and includes a mandate to acquire more parkland and develop new park facilities. The Measure has been endorsed by scores of regional leaders, including all five County Supervisors.

Since 1972, Santa Clara County’s Park Charter Fund has acquired over 50,000 acres, including 29 parks, which provide a diverse range of recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike. From kayaking on the bay to camping in the Redwoods to learning about the history of agriculture in Silicon Valley, our regional parks provide enjoyment and inspiration for residents and visitors throughout the County.

Santa Clara County is one of the fastest-growing and most diverse regions in the country. Regional parks offer a multitude of ways for communities to connect and refresh. “Latino families enjoy hiking, biking, boating and socializing in parks and open space as much as anyone” said José González, founder of Latino Outdoors. Measure A will ensure current and future generations will enjoy the County’s wonderful trails, lakes and campgrounds.”

Upon the passage of Measure A this June, the County can use Park Charter Fund to ensure safe and well-maintained parks, open more lands to public use, enhance visitor experience, fund the regional trails network, and complete the connected system of regional parks. In addition, Measure A will allow the Parks Department to continue to protect and preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our parks so current and future generations can enjoy all that nature has to offer.

“The County has done a remarkable job of acquiring and preserving land both for environmental protection and for future public enjoyment,” said Larry Ames, former Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation Commissioner. “But the County currently can’t open nearly a quarter of the land to the public yet – the lands need to be made safe and accessible. For example, old mine shafts need to be fenced off and old wells capped, and then amenities such as parking lots and sensitively-sited hiking trails are needed so that the public can safely enjoy the lands that they have helped preserve.”

Yes on Parks! is leading the campaign to secure the next 15 years of park funding in Santa Clara County. For more information, visit We are proud that our endorsers include:

Honorable Zoe Lofgren, US Congress

Honorable Evan Low, CA State Assembly

Gustav Larson, Vice Mayor, Sunnyvale

Don Rocha, Councilmember, San Jose

Carl Guardino, President & CEO SVLG

Peninsula Open Space Trust

Sempervirens Fund

Latino Outdoors

Silicon Valley

Bicycle Coalition

San José Parks Foundation

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