50th Anniversary of the Park Charter Fund Celebration

Free Day at County Parks

Santa Clara County Parks

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CA – In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Park Charter Fund, Santa Clara County Parks is offering free admission to all Santa Clara County Parks on Saturday, July 30, 2022. Residents are encouraged to celebrate the day recreating outdoors at any one of the 28 County Parks. Visit www.parkhere.org for a listing of parks.

The 50th anniversary of the Park Charter Fund celebrates the fund’s milestones and accomplishments over the past fifty years.

In 1972, Santa Clara County voters overwhelmingly first approved the Park Charter Fund. The passing of the Charter Fund accelerated the growth of parklands by enabling the department to acquire new lands and expand the County’s regional parks and trails network, primarily in and around urban areas to now upwards of 52,000 acres and over 300 miles of trails.

In 2016, the Park Charter was renewed by voters and will be in effect until 2032. Beyond the expansion of parklands and trails, the Park Charter Fund has significantly enhanced the lifestyles, health and wellbeing of county residents, as well as preserving parklands for future generations, assisting in the reduction of wildfires and reducing the impact of climate change.

Don Rocha, Director of County Parks, shares his appreciation to Santa Clara County voters. “If not for their foresight and deep appreciation for parks and open space, and its contribution to mental and physical health and the quality of life for all residents of Santa Clara County, we would not have this amazing system of parks and open space, recreational amenities and programs that contribute to education, preservation and overall wellbeing of the community.”

Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department has provided recreational opportunities, beautiful parks and precious natural resources for Santa Clara County residents for more than 60 years. This golden legacy has resulted in one of the largest regional park systems in the State of California.

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