Mario Jiménez Castillo - Martha Graniello | El Observador
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Powerful Hurricane Eta has left an enormous destruction in its path through Central America. The climatic phenomenon attacked the whole region with mighty force. The countries that have been most affected are Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The rest of the countries were also affected but with less intensity. In Guatemala a mudslide buried a village where over two hundred people died; the storm caused catastrophic floods. Honduras is the country that has been hit the hardest in this tragedy, it’s calculated that two million people have been the victims of this disaster. One fourth of the country has been destroyed, buried under mud. Whole families have lost everything. Thousands of children and elderly people are sleeping under the elements and have nothing to eat.

Against the magnitude of the disaster, the government of El Salvador has extended its brotherly hand and provided help to Honduras and Guatemala. President Nayib Bukele sent medicine, food and rescue groups to both countries. The help to both neighboring countries is calculated to be over two million dollars. A wonderful and welcomed gesture on the part of El Salvador. But the need in these moments is enormous, and the help and presence of the international community is urgently needed in Central America. The region has been devastated by this terrible Hurricane.

Guatemala has started to recover slowly since only one region of the country suffered considerable damages, same as Belize and Nicaragua. In the case of Honduras, it is most concerning due to the Hurricane passing through the whole country, leaving death, destruction and disaster in its path. The crops were destroyed, many animals drowned and perished. Literally thousands of people don’t know how they will feed their children. This is the time to show our generosity toward our sister republic of Honduras; if you can donate, please do so! We can make the difference; we can bring refuge and food to hundreds of thousands of people that have been left homeless and in the streets.

God bless the people of Honduras!