Sharp fall in tourism in Japan due to coronavirus

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan – Tourism reservations in Japan for this month of March have fallen by 34% and by April they have been reduced by half because of the outbreak of coronavirus, according to industry data released today.

According to the Japan Travel Agents Association, this fall affects both travel reservations within the country, with data provided by the seven most important firms in the sector.

As for trips abroad, the reservations made so far have dropped 39% for those scheduled in March and 50% in April.

Official data on the arrival of foreign tourists to Japan in February are not yet known, but last January, when COVID-19 had not yet existed, 1.1% less visitors arrived in the country than in the same month from last year.

Japan has registered up to now a thousand cases of people infected with the coronavirus. Of these, more than 700 were infected on a cruise ship that was moored and quarantined at the beginning of last February in the port of Yokohama, south of Tokyo.