Hilbert Morales, M.P.J. | El Observador
Photo Credit: Pixabay

During last December 2919 a Chinese physician identified a new respiratory ailment caused by a virus which was highly virulent and infectious. Chinese government authorities required that doctor to retract his heads-up notification which had been communicated to the local medical community. The physician became ill with that very same viral infection and died.

Then a Chinese community of 11 million residents was quarantined to no avail because tourists from a cruise ship had contacted that same respiratory illness. That cruise liner was denied docking services at several ports until Cambodia allowed it to use its docking/harbor facilities.

Recently the Public Health Officer of County of Santa Clara, Dr. Sara Cody, M.D., has confirmed that up to eight individuals who have had exposure to this infectious virus have returned to the County of Santa Clara.

Back in China, the community which first experienced this highly infectious respiratory viral disease, has experienced 1,500 patient deaths out of the 35,000 individuals who were stricken by this corona viral respiratory disease.

In order to avoid having an epidemic here, all individuals need to do what is most effective in restricting the spread of this viral disease to any and all individuals with whom they may have made contact.

This may be done effectively by coughing or sneezing into the crook of your arm rather than into your hands used to cover your mouth. Infected hands are the most efficient distributors of viral diseases because many viruses survive the contact with many kinds of surfaces. When you sneeze or cough into the crook (bent elbow area) of your arm, that surface hardly ever comes into contact with other items.

The wearing of long-sleeved shirts or blouses (cotton surfaces are best) has a very effective absorption surface. Try to cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm rather than the traditional coughing into your cupped hands which are then used and make contact with many other surfaces and individuals. If each afflicted individual can do that much the spread of viral disease via coughing will become greatly mitigated.

Washing your hands before you make contact with anyone also is a very effective way to limit the spread of any respiratory disease. If you have a fever, bed rest and isolation is recommended.

Understand that viruses multiply (replicate) by invasion of a cell host whose metabolism is diverted to the production of more viruses. In this process, host cells are destroyed (resulting in muscle aches).

Viruses can survive in many environments.

A virus is composed of a surface capsule made up of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins. Their interior contents are almost entirely DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acids) which have the capacity to take over the metabolism of any host cell infected where they multiply (replicate). Prescription drugs target the virus prior to its attachment to a host cell.

Once a virus has injected its DA and RNA into a host cell, it is not possible to address the viral infection without also damaging the host cells. Invariably, bed rest and curtailment of strenuous activities is highly recommended and practiced.

During this flu season, if you catch a cold or any viral disease, it is best to slow down, enjoy the bed rest and just take it easy. Your body’s immune system will respond to the viral infection with its white cells which seek and devour infective viruses. By reducing your physical activities, you allow your immune system to focus upon going after the viral infection and sustaining the internal environment which is required by your body and its organ systems.

Therefore, it is so important to curtail normal physical activities to allow your body and its immune systems to address the disease process before it becomes too serious.

Your personal health is the most valuable and essential process which you must have in order to sustain excellent well-being. Wellness is a state which allows your body to function effectively and efficiently. A moderate level of activities permits sustaining your muscles and organ systems in a very good operations level which enable you to feel good and enjoy all of life’s activities and pleasures.

Doing absolutely nothing does some damage usually evidenced by the atrophy of muscles which lose their strength and tone. A moderate level of exercise is best.

Getting back to the coronavirus, also keep in mind that it is one of numerous viruses, fungi, and bacteria which exist in the environment and are always ready to infect a weakened host. Excessive food or alcohol consumption results in obesity and becoming too fat (overweight). Many drugs and tobacco’s nicotine are injuries when excess intake happens. Some of us are allergic to certain foods (chemicals therein).

Your body will always let you know when any of its functional systems are being abused or damaged. Your body is always in equilibrium with the environment you reside in – all the time. That is why exercise in moderation, good nutrition, clean air and sufficient potable water are essentials to sustaining and maintaining your body in good health and wellness.

Take the time to experience and learn what your personal body will tell you as it experiences allergies induced by toxic substances. Also take the time to learn and listen to the constant stream of messages which your body’s systems continuously convey to your mind. That is always a very good thing to do.

The coronavirus respiratory disease process is only one of many which your body will cope with successfully if you maintain and sustain a good lifestyle which is essential to enjoying life. Many of life’s essential processes happen so effectively and efficiently that we tend to take them for granted. Take time each day to check out all your body’s essential functions which are invariably active and, on the job, dealing with potential diseases.

The coronavirus is very effectively invasive as a respiratory disease as evidenced by its high mortality rate. Let’s do what it takes to ensure that this disease does not become established here in our community. Each and every one of us may take responsible actions when required to sustain and maintain our healthy community in this very good Silicon Valley environment.

Begin by remembering to cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm rather than into your cupped hands covering your mouth. It all beings with this simple adjustment to our habits. It will take all of us to ensure that this virulent infective coronavirus does not become established in our community. And, we can do just that.