Sanders leads polls in New Hampshire with Biden lagging behind


Washington – Senator Bernie Sanders leads polling for the Democratic primary in the state of New Hampshire, the second to go to the polls, with 19.8% and a 1.3-point lead over former Vice President Joe Biden (18.5%), according to the average polling numbers prepared by Real Clear Politics.

Third place is tied with 14.3% with mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren, senator for the also neighboring state of Massachusetts.

Behind these are also Senator Amy Klobuchar (5.8%), Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (4.5%), businessman Andrew Yang (4.3%), and millionaire Tom Steyer (3.3%).

These surveys show somewhat different results than those reflected in the surveys regarding the primaries in Iowa, which will be held on February 3, in which Biden, who was vice president of the Barack Obama Administration (2009-2017) , leads with 21%, 3.7 points above Sanders, (17.3%), followed by Warren (16.7%) and Buttigieg (16.3%).

These results contrast with national polls, in which, with ups and downs, Biden has maintained a lead since the beginning of the electoral process.

The average of Real Clear Politics for the latest polls on the Democratic primary at the national level gives the lead to the former vice president, as it brings together 28.4% of the intent to vote; followed by Sanders (20.4%) and Warren (14.8%).

Far behind are Buttigieg, with 7.2% in the polls, businessman Michael Bloomberg (7%) -which does not appear at the elections in Iowa and New Hampshire-, Yang (3.8%), Klobuchar (3%) and Steyer (2.4%).

With the partisan assembly of the Iowa caucus, which will take place on February 3, and the New Hampshire primary, nine days later, the long electoral process of the US presidential elections will move quickly, culminating with a national vote held on November 3.

Although in the Democratic side everything is to be decided, in the Republican the clear candidate is the current president, Donald Trump, who aspires to be another four years in the White House.

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