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First, let me express my hope that everyone everywhere has an opportunity to be with family and friends enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving Holiday meal. This nation, with its capitalistic commerce has yet to resolve the challenge of wealth distribution which permits everyone to have a good life enjoying safety and security.

All those homeless individuals who endure life in the street are evidence that this nation has a wealth distribution issue. Fortunately, altruistic NGO-CBO’s step up to clothe, feed and house the impoverished and handicapped.

Consider making a contribution to a local non-profit. Second Harvest Food Bank, Sacred Heart Community Center (San Jose, CA) and Salvation Army come to mind. These three NGO-CBO’s have been accessible to and assisted many impoverished individuals and families.

I personally appreciate, and am hopeful, that the many Hispanic-Latino members of our community in Silicon Valley for the ‘good governance practices’ of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Dem-SF) whose detailed planning efforts prior to 2016 election resulted in the House of Representatives having a Democratic majority at this time.

It is this Democratic Party House majority which re-established the check and balance system of American government. I cannot conceive of a national governance practiced by an ultra-conservative Republican governance in which the White House had Donald J. Trump as President; and both the Senate and House of Representatives with a Republican Party majority.
Our community witnessed a touch of conservative governance when the 2017-18 IRS tax reform legislation was enacted. Recall that corporate taxes dropped down from 35% to 21% while personal income taxers were raised about 8% more for those individuals whose annual income exceeded $250,000.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to be commended for the Democratic Party having a majority vote in the House of Representatives. But do note that every progressive federal legislation is being stone-walled in the Senate where a Republican Party majority exists today.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s email dated 11.19.2019 states:

“Trump’s presidency is going down the drain… and he KNOWS it.”

Democrats just held their FIRST public impeachment hearing and the testimony was DAMNING.

But Trump is already scheming ways to discredit witnesses and spread LIES to turn public opinion in his favor.”

In addition, the several testimonies displayed on TV underscore the self-serving purpose of Trump and his allies. Their collective actions have diminished American international leadership through those actions which were all made with a ‘quid pro quo’ that favored this President’s already immense wealthy status.

American government, at international, national, state and local levels, has invariably undertaken programs which are of service to our domestic commerce. Sustaining a high employment level is essential to the distribution of opportunity to earn enough wealth to have a good life. Under recent Republican dominated governance, the middle class has not experienced any increased income levels. In fact, the most recent data support the observation that the wealth gap has increased.

What this nation needs most today is to tax the ultra-wealthy at a much higher level. When the working middle class does not earn enough to have funds to spend on discretionary items after paying for essentials, this American domestic economy does not work very well.

We must keep in the forefront of our consciousness that our domestic consumer economy is what ‘makes America great’. Our domestic economy attracts immigrants who seek work. In addition, other nations ship their goods here because our consumers have the funds in hand to make purchases.

Too many forget that when all of us, especially the working class, have jobs which pay a living wage, this American economy is what makes America great and powerful enough to sustain the world’s most highly technical and effective military forces. These military forces have played a role in sustaining ‘world peace’ since WW II.

Trump’s use of import-export tariffs was a very bad exercise of executive authority because those taxes will be paid by the American consumer. Those tariffs amount to an additional tax which decreases disposable income levels.

That’s why this Op-Ed was assembled to let Trump know his self-serving methods are apparent. Trump better get his bag packed — his presidency may not survive the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry!!

Impeachment is a U.S. Congressional process which is described in this nation’s Constitution. Simply stated, the House of Representatives initiates the impeachment by first voting to perform an extensive inquiry whose objective is to establish the facts. Then the removal from office of any President is possible. Especially anyone who is not worthy of continuing as this nation’s leader.
Mr. Trump provided his own impeachment rationale when he delivered the U.S. Congressional approved foreign aid in a wrongful manner. That foreign aid cannot be leveraged to ask for a favor (i.e., a quid pro quo).

Especially a favor which asked Ukraine officials to assemble information which would be used to enhance the proposed Trump re-election campaign effort. That should never happen nor be successful if attempted.

This act brought to my mind the reality that Trump’s election was assisted by Russia’s Putin. In this instance, Trump is asking Ukraine’s President to obtain information about former V.P. Joe Biden.

That information could be used during the upcoming 2020 campaign.

Has Mr. Trump ever competed for anything fairly and squarely? He will soon learn that there are consequences for the use of underhanded methods.

His leadership style does not unify Americans for any purpose. Trump had used government revenues to fund those detention facilities along the border. invariably, much of what he does results in some form of profiteering for his personal interests. That conforms well with his past actions.

Recall that Trump never disclosed his personal IRS Tax statements when campaigning for election. To prevent that from happening again in the future, the standard voluntary practice of revealing your IRS Tax submittals must become a requirement for those who seek the U.S. Presidency.

Recently more than 40 Border Residents visited the U.S. Congress to demand accountability and responsibility. The Border Network NGO/CBO is to be applauded for their efforts as noted by Susanne Flores (email dated 11.19.2019).

Border residents will talk to Senators about the real needs of border communities.

On Thanksgiving Day 2019, I ask each reader to be thankful for his/her current status. Let’s resolve to find a way to share what is possible with someone who needs a hand up. When ‘We, The People’ assist those we can, all involved become greater.

It is this generosity which underlies the sharing of many essential items and resources. This demonstrates our people’s belief and faith in Divine Providence which has favored Americans with much. Let us be very thankful for all that we have and enjoy and remember to share with those in need.