Disney parks in the USA point to veganism

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The Disney group announced on Tuesday September 24, that it will incorporate vegan dishes to the menus of all the restaurants and fast-food venues of its parks in the United States, beginning with those in Orlando this October.

Vegans will find plenty of food options starting October 1 at Disney parks in Orlando and from October 3 on within their restaurants.

The next park to get the vegan food overhaul will be that of Disneyland in Anaheim, California in spring 2020, according to a business statement.

In total, visitors to the two parks will be able to choose from more than 400 dishes, “without animal meat, dairy, eggs or honey”, in the more than 602 restaurants and food stalls in the Disney facilities in Orlando and Anaheim, including those of hotels and resorts.

The term used by Disney to define these new dishes is not “vegan” but “made with a plant base.”

Hummus, carrot gnocchi, fried tofu, cauliflower tacos and chocolate and avocado mouse are some of the new dishes marked on the menus with the sign of a green leaf.

Until now only Disney parks in Paris and Shanghai offered vegan food options.

The local CBS affiliate indicated that so far, the US Disney parks were little hospitable places for vegetarians or those who don’t consume animal food.

Meat dishes are the gastronomic rulers of Disney World, which annually sells 10 million hamburgers, six million hot dogs and 1.8 million pounds (817,200 kilos) of turkey legs, according to CBS.