Hilbert Morales | EL OBSERVADOR
Photo Credit: Unsplash

There are 25 Democrats who have declared their objective of being elected as the next President of U.S.A. They are: 1) Michael Bennet; 2) Joe Biden; 3) Cory Booker; 4) Steve Bullock; 5) Pete Buttigieg; 6) Julian Castro; 7) Bill Blasio; 8) John Delaney; 9) Tulsi Gabbard; 10) Kirsten Gillibrand; 11) Mike Gravel; 12) Kamala Harris; 13) John Hickenlooper; 14) Jay Inslee; 15) Amy Klobuchar; 16) Wayne Messam; 17) Seth Moulton; 18) Beto O’Rourke; 19) Tim Ryan; 20) Bernie Sanders; 21) Joe Sestak; 22) Eric Swalwell; 23) Elizabeth Warren; 24) Marianne Williamson and 25) Andrew Yang.

These aspirants for the Presidency must be culled down to the President and Vice-President, who will campaign to prevent Trump from being elected to a second 4-year term. First, those who had not garnered support exceeding 2% were not present at all during the two debates scheduled for Tuesday, June 24th and Wednesday, June 25th. Many of my friends were not interested in viewing these two separate debates.

However, those who debated were visible evidence that the Democratic Party has the potential of passing the torch to the next youthful generation. The entire group was diverse; contained African Americans; Hispanic-Latinos; and several women who are already successful elected officials.

In addition, Beto O’Rourke (Texas) spoke Spanish (as did several others) when he said (in Spanish): “We must listen to voters and the Latino voter must vote to be counted” (if Trump is not to be re-elected to a second term).

Julian Castro (Texas) debated Beto about the need to decriminalize those who cross the U.S. – Mexican border illegally. Castro proposes making that act a civil offense rather than continue its current ‘criminal offense’ status. This simple legal code change would eliminate the legal authority used by the U.S. Border Patrol staff to separate kids from their parents. In addition, border authorities could subcontract with available non-profit organizations who have the capacity to deal with families and those children who are not accompanied by their parents when illegally entering into U.S.A. jurisdictions.

The current Trump Administration effort has been totally inept, inhumane, and must become more professional, especially when dealing with unsupervised children. This public policy debacle is more than sufficient cause to motivate the Latino voter to speak up with their vote as well as their support and voice when demanding that those seeking asylum be treated and handled in accordance with the humane standards required by law and regulation (and common sense). The current border situation is disgusting and totally inept with the result that much human suffering and misery is created.

Getting back to Tuesday’s first debate, its participants (Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke) discussed the following public policy issues: 1) the need to enact comprehensive immigration legislation; 2) A need to enact a comprehensive national health care plan (Medicare for All); 3) The global climate changes must be addressed (Trump Administration ignores this reality and phenomenon).

The first debate seemed to emphasize that the Democratic Party will really encourage the Latino voter to stand up and be counted.

The debate on Wednesday featured ‘personality assassination’ when Senator Kamala Harris attacked former Vice President Joe Biden by bringing up his association with two Senators during the 1970’s policy to use school bussing to integrate ‘lily-white public schools’ in Berkeley, CA. Kamala Harris revealed that she was that, ‘little elementary school girl’ who was bussed to address racist segregation in California.

“I do not believe you are a racist, but that little girl was me,” stated Kamala. Joe Biden (and his staff) were completely caught unprepared to respond to this revelation which seemed to diminish the stature of Joe Biden who played a major role in passage of the Brady Bill (gun control/violence mitigation).

Senator Bernie Sanders addressed the Medicare for All policy which needs to be enacted as this nation’s comprehensive health care policy. This is resisted by the Health Insurance industry which will be reduced to providing insurances for cosmetic surgery.

As usual, the economy and jobs are a public policy issue which will be adversely impacted by the current import-export tariffs being applied by the Trump administration. There are signs that certain items will end up costing more when purchased by American consumers.

Of interest to the Latino community is the use of the Spanish language and the presence of at least three Latinos who have the public service experience to be present in this group of 25 presidential candidates. Also, African Americans, women and the gay community were represented. This is a very diverse group when compared to the make-up of the Republican Party (mostly White, wealthy men).

What the above indicates is that each of us has access to participation in our governance by selection and support of those who best represent our interests with transparent actions.