Backyard Maintenance Tips for Summer

Photo Credit: Pixabay


Summer is here and it’s time for backyard barbecues! Before your guests arrive, check these four backyard maintenance tasks off your to-do list to ensure your yard is looking good.

Clean Your Barbecue

To prevent food from sticking to your barbecue grills, rub cooking oil on the grates before you start. After you’re done barbecuing, use warm, soapy water to clean the grates with a wire brush.

Give Outdoor Furniture a Pick-Me-Up

With all furniture, check for wear and tear that may have occurred during winter. Clean plastic furniture and chair or couch cushions simply with a cloth or soft scrub brush dipped in a mix of water and dish detergent. Some outdoor cushions can be thrown in the washer so check the tags.

Check Power Equipment

Since power equipment most likely hasn’t been used in months, turn it on to make sure it’s working properly. Some equipment may need to be lubricated to run smoothly again. Easily lubricate the moving parts of a lawn mower with something like WD-40.

Tidy Up Your Lawn

Trim large plants, hedges and bushes that had a growth spurt during the spring and remove dead limbs from trees. Remove leaves and other debris from the gutters around your home and remove weeds from the lawn and garden. You may need to reseed some areas of your lawn as well.

With the completion of these four tasks, guests will be enjoying your backyard barbecues all summer long.