County Board of Education signs resolution supporting High School Voter Education Weeks

Photo Credit: Pixabay

​SAN JOSE, CA– On Wednesday, April 3, the Santa Clara County Board of Education passed a resolution to support High School Voter Education Weeks. It passed unanimously, with one board member absent.

This semi-annual event is designed to promote civic education and foster an environment which encourages learning by encouraging voter registration and participation in all elections by all eligible Californians.

The resolution, which is supported by Assembly Bill 1817, encourages Santa Clara County Schools to participate in California High School Voter Educations weeks which run the last two week of April and September.

“Signing this resolution is one of the many actions we are taking at both Santa Clara County Board of Education and the Santa Clara County Office of Education to increase civic education and engagement within the county,” said County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Ann Dewan.

“The current impetus to support civic engagement is part of an initiative called ‘The Power of Democracy.’ This countywide partnership is a coalition of community partners who are working together to promote civic engagement in Santa Clara County.

During the last major election, Silicon Valley (Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties combined) had the lowest youth eligible voter turnout. Research by the Public Policy Institute of California indicates that 30-percent of voters in California lack confidence in elections and politics.

“The Power of Democracy initiative supports opportunities for students to learn, engage, and take action,” adds Dewan.

“With the recent tragedies in Parkland, Florida and other areas we have seen an increase in student civic engagement. Our democracy is strengthened by young people participating and voicing their opinions. By signing this resolution, we are asking high schools throughout the county to offer pre-registration opportunities to students age 16 and 17, and registration opportunities for students over 18,” adds Dewan.

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