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Hilbert Morales

An email from Washington, D.C., July 20, 2017, communicated that Democratic Party Minority Leader Senator Nancy Pelosi’s staff had compiled this evaluation exactly six months after President Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the elected President of the United States of America, making

him the Chief Executive Officer and Commander in Chief (CEO-CIC). The following compilation is an exact measure of effective governance capability of this

Trump Administration presented here by EO so that all those who voted for this Republican Party Presidential Candidate may have an opportunity to review what their personal vote really achieved:

(AFTER BEING IN OFFICE) 6 Months: The Trump Presidency By the Numbers (as compiled and presented by Office of Democratic Leader Senator Nancy Pelosi):

 36%: Job approval rating for President Trump – worst of any president ever at this point in (any) presidency.

 0: legislative accomplishments (outcome is no effective federal governance).

  • No plan (to control or) lower health care costs (which is 19% of this nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • No jobs bill (an important presidential campaign promise to the working class folks).
  • No infrastructure bill (which would both create jobs and boost the domestic economy).
  • No tax reform (which must include a ‘sunset clause’ ending all corporate subsidies and welfare).
  • No plan to avoid defaulting on our debt (We, The People have an impeccable debt payment record).
  • No budget (Which indicates no plan regarding the future of all of us).


836: False or misleading claims made by President Trump (How does one determine when Trump is being truthful, factual, or honest? Consequently, a low trust level is the outcome).

991: Tweets by the President (Several reveal his emotional maturity).

 40: Days at Trump golf properties (often taking care of Trump Enterprises business).

 1: Number of solo news conferences (No communication nor debate of proposals for public examination and inputs = NO CONFIDENCE).

0: Trump Tax returns made public (Which generates distrust due to no transparency…But then the Republican Party had almost no vetting standards during its candidate selection process; same is true for Democratic Party whose presidential candidate was a ‘socialist’).

1: Special Counsel appointed to investigate the President for possible collusion with Russia to undermine our election process…(the undermining of the Democratic standard: One person:One Vote; no influence by those who are not established constituents).

1: FBI Director fired by President Trump because of the Russia investigation (Why is this so sensitive to President Trump?).

3: Number of people Trump has fired who were investigating him and members of his administration’s connection to Russia’s (alleged) meddling in our election (which undermines our Democratic election process based upon truthfulness, factual, & honest information rather than ‘created facts’ (i.e., propaganda).

2: One-on-one meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin (where was the ‘American Russian Translator’? Trump does not realize that the presence of an American Translator would have ‘protected him’ in a variety of ways).

5: Number of times Trump was dismissive to our NATO allies (which weakened American global leadership as a superpower…resulting in elevating both Russia and China to that level. It is amazing how destructive one person can be!).

6: Number of dictators/strongmen Trump has praised (One only praises those with whom one identifies. Trump wants to lead America with oligarchic authority which he does not have at all).

2: Withdrawals from international agreements (China moved into the leadership vacuum created when Trump withdrew America from the TransPacific Pact {The TPP trade agreement with 12 nations which all had agreed to lower import/export taxation levels}.

120: Vacant leadership positions (Deputy Secretaries/Undersecretaries/ Assistant Secretaries) in the Trump Administration – three times higher than at the same point in President Obama’s first term. (Who would want to be a Trump appointee?; This datum reveals the misguidance of conservatives who favor ‘no governance’ to ‘big government’ when the real issue is appropriate levels of governance & administration’ in public service attempting to do ‘the greatest good for the greatest number’).

72: Vacant US Ambassador positions around the world (who would deal with American’s personal and international commercial matters which strengthen relationships).

47: States that have refused to fully comply with the Trump Administration’s request to hand over sensitive and personal voter information. (Another example of Trump’s bigotry and self-interest focus; If ‘We, the People’ agree to releasing personal Voter’s Information, why doesn’t Trump also reveal his personal IRS Form 1040 Income Tax submittals?).

REGARDING PROPOSED ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT: Former Mayor Willie Brown correctly reminds us that the successor would be Vice President Pence, who would be difficult to defeat politically during the coming 2020 Presidential election cycle.

My question to Republican Leaders: Why not be more constructive? For example, instead of “repeal and replace” ACA/ObamaCare, try a “improve and implement” legislative approach? What the above record reveals is a propensity to destroy existing law, best practices and regulations in a quest to reach undefined smaller federal government goals.

My question to Democratic Leaders: Why has no legislation been proposed which demonstrates an effort to mitigate the disparities in wealth distribution?

My question to both Parties: Why have Wall Street and banking executives not been prosecuted for egregious wrongful uses of their positions of public trust, authority and power? Examples: Derivatives Trading and Recent Wells Fargo Bank executives who fired 5,000 bank employees who would not set up unauthorized checking and savings accounts which falsified this banks success; increased its stock values and thereby benefitted these executives who still received ‘performance bonuses’? Where is honesty and integrity without which this nation’s full faith and credit standards become very tainted and invalid.

My observation is that Mainstream Media’s TV program executives helped Trump get elected by providing his presidential campaign with extraordinary amounts of exposure knowing that as a known performer a very large number of viewers would be reached which is what enhanced the value of their advertiser’s video presentations. All decisions these days seem to be made using bottom line-profit oriented decision making paradigms.

Where are the ‘societal stewardship values’ which enabled this nat ion to achieve levels of human achievements in large numbers which were not and are not being achieved by other nations and societies today?

This nation needs to get back to basic human relationship issues. Americans in the past looked out after each other as good Samaritans, and today, too many of us have become very mercenary and very good devotees of conspicuous materialistic consumerism. What happened to being frugal? To living within one’s responsible means?

Things will improve when each of us, at every level of our society and position of authority, commit to practicing the ‘Golden Rule’ which is ‘Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.’ This simple approach would ensure more equity, comprehension, and compassion. ‘We, The People’ must insist that this happen soon. We all merit acceptance, respect, and no insults to our personal dignity.