During 15 minutes, What would you say to President Trump?

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

If President Trump agreed to listen to you without interruption for 15 minutes, what would you say? One individual said, “I would not waste my time because Trump does not listen to anyone like me who would tell him what he does not want to hear.” For example, before this newly elected President could be fully oriented to the full scope of what was in the TransPacific Pact, he withdrew America from that accord which was crafted by the Obama Administration. Withdrawal from TPP was used to demonstrate his authority and power as the President of America. China will fill this vacuum revealing the main weakness of his administration whose recently appointed advisors are mostly billionaires already or military men who may be agents for the military-industrial complex about which former President Eisenhower forewarned us.

This view is underscored by that military aid agreement valued at $110 Billion which was signed with Arabian leaders recently. Trump’s proposed 2018 Federal Budget gives the Pentagon $54 Billion budget increase when all other federal agencies are being cut back. So any and all communities which have industries which have Pentagon contracts will have jobs creating the materials which are rapidly used up protecting American interests throughout this world.

I would use his personal needs to be praised as a winner. Trump has an extraordinary need to win…even when the facts say otherwise (e.g., Hillary earned the national vote by some three million votes); Trump won the electoral college votes which elected him as our 45th President.

And so, during my 15 minutes with the President I would approach as follows:

“Mr. President, it is my contention that doing what it takes to implement the ‘trickle up economic theory’ which takes care of distribution of wealth (earned as living wages’ by America’s middle class and working class folks)…that would change things in so many favorable ways that you would become immortalized by the world’s economists and other world leaders. Consider with great care that discretionary money in the family budgets of 100,000,000 middle class whose wages have not increased in purchasing power since the 1970’s Reagan Administration. Their consumer choices would invigorate the American Consumer economy in so many ways. All sorts of goods and services would need to be produced to meet this renewed economic demand which made ‘America Great’ during the past Marshall Plan days post-WWII. This level of domestic economic activity would enrich your billionaire friends as well as deliver increased tax revenues which would reduce the National debt and enable investment in America’s infrastructural projects. These projects, when adequately underwritten, would put many working class folks back to gainful employment doing work which increases American productivity. Everybody would feel good about being ‘fully employed’ again…with the purpose to ‘keeping America Great’.”

“Mr. President: Think of all the jobs Americans would have in ‘clean sustainable energy enterprises’ which could fulfill the ‘clean power demands’ using wind and solar energy technology. These workers would greatly benefit by your leadership in the Paris Accord. Don’t you already know that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has already made America, Canada and Mexico the worlds epicenter of ‘clean sustainable energy’ which dwarfs the carbon-based energy existing in the Middle East or anywhere else.”

“The secret to your success, Mr. President, is in the American labor force, which is still the most productive, innovative, and creative in this global economy. Consider all of the innovations which American science and technology initiated…and which is being reversed engineered by offshore economies who are ‘copy-cats’.”

“Mr. President, your focus needs to be upon ‘taking care of the American working class which makes things happen here and abroad. Bottom line decision making must be coupled with ‘societal stewardship’ which takes care of all of us. Recall that HP was created in a garage; not in the HP Board Room. The insights of Gates are at the base of Apple; the creative innovations based upon human needs are developed by many start-ups wherein a small group of focused technically trained individuals develop ideas into ‘devices’ which can be ‘monetized’ at great profits while meeting consumer needs.”

“Why deport all those undocumented residents in America today when it is their willingness to work hard that enables them to support their family? Why invest in a WALL when the same investment in America’s infrastructure will give this nation a great return on investments made?”

“Mr. President: You already know that your recreational properties would not amount to anything if it were not for committed staff and entertainers who work creatively to yield ambiances which are enjoyable and memorable. What would Trump Properties amount to if it were not for those employees who create that value which is transformed into wealth?….This does not happen in the Board Rooms of America, does it? So, Mr. President: Begin to take care of America’s working class…for it is here that American ingenuity and productivity exists which earns profits.”

“Mr. President…take care of the American people so that they may take care of this American nation as they have done since the Declaration of Independence and have given their consent to be governed under the laws based upon the ideals embodied in the U.S. Constitution….That is your path to greatness, Mr. President, for which you will receive many accolades.”