National Universal Health Care Policy May Be Possible

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Hilbert Morales

According to Rachel Maddow’s commentary (MSNBC 04.02.17, President Trump made a public statement favoring America’s having a ‘universal health care plan’ with a single payor. The U.S. Congress needs to take advantage of this ‘very reasonable statement’ by acting like a non-partisan deliberative body which crafts the ‘National Universal Health Care Legislation’ which repairs the 2010 Affordable Care Act (keeping the several good features of the 2010 A.C.A…A child may be covered by parents policy until age 26; all individuals receive health care insurance coverage (no exclusion due to prior medical conditions; and health care insurers must compete).

Right now, all policy makers are trying to deal with ‘universal health care

using the ‘competitive market model. This economic model must be replaced with a modified form of the ‘public utility model’ (such as that applied to utility services (electricity, natural gas, and potable water).

The reality is that a sick patient (the customer) who has a medical condition (broken bone; appendicitis; impacted tooth etc) does not have time nor the inclination to ‘shop around for the best price’. And one economist, Milton Friedman, points out that the ‘provider knows more and is better educated than the client, who is at great disadvantage…probably desirous of therapy regardless of cost.

A modified ‘public utility model’ would provide for licensing and certification of the physicians, nurses, all allied para-medical and technical staff (and encourage accredited teaching institutions to train sufficient numbers of these staff personnel; plus monitor and certify ‘durable medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical drug industry and hospital/clinic chains.

The modified ‘public utility model’ could also ensure that rural areas had adequate primary care services accessible locally at reasonable costs. Its goal would be to be innovative and creative in designing a ‘continuum of health care services from conception to birth to a life of well-being until ‘passing on’. It in the best interests of any national society to have its population, especially its working force, in the best of health and wellness

President Trump is a ‘business person’ who deals with productivity and efficiency at lowest cost. The ‘market model has many duplication which add to costs.

In addition, a ‘public utility model’ could be designed to provide the individual patient-client preferences & choices. Finally, some eight nations have used ‘a pubic utility model’ for decades (Canada, Singapore, etc.). WHY? Simply because healthy individuals are essential to any human activity.

Mr. Trump, if you establish America’s national health care system, understand that you will ‘stabilize’ 20% of America’s Gross National Product (GNP) created by the effort of educated, trained and informed personnel. And continue to support the basic research efforts of the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Understand that many of those who resist necessary change are fearful of losing what wealth they have today and wish to sustain their current position of power and influence.

President Trump: Encourage the U.S. Congressional leaders to allocate the funding needed to make progress in implementation of your vision of the future health care service delivery system accessible to all residents of America. Those funds will provide the license to begin the performance, production and consumptions needed to implement that vision which will establish your future station in American history. Monitor fully the use of those allocated resources to ensure honesty and integrity of all health care developmental activities undertaken.