SCVMC Launches Community & Marketing Campaign

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Highlights Quality Care and Reassures Those Worried and Fearful About Seeking Services

Santa Clara County, CA. – The first ever system-wide community outreach and marketing campaign by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center launched on February 27th.

The three main reasons for this campaign according to SVMC are:

“Better inform our community of the world-class high-quality healthcare system right in their backyard; Reinforce our long-standing commitment to serve all the people of Santa Clara County, regardless of ability to pay or immigration status; and, Strengthen the overall health system and provide stability in a time of growing fear and uncertainty considering access to quality healthcare.”

“we want to ensure that all the people in our valley get the advanced healthcare services you would expect from the area at the heart of innovation.”

“Because of the recent presidential executive orders, many people served by SCVMC are worried and fearful about seeking services, particularly through government systems,” commented County Executive Jeffrey V. Smith, M.D., J.D. “This campaign will encourage people to get care at our clinics. We want residents to know SCVMC will continue to provide care to those in need.”

While the campaign continues the hospital and clinic’s commitment to serve the underserved, it also reaches out to those who may not know the scope and quality of services provided by the County’s public healthcare system. SCVMC has the highest level trauma center in San Jose (and serves 3 other counties), the only comprehensive emergency department between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the only rehabilitation trauma center in California. We are a great healthcare system and are working to have more residents choose our physicians and services because of the quality of care we provide.

With the current debate on the Affordable Care Act, this is a critical time for public healthcare systems. Questions about how public healthcare systems will be financed remain. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed or replaced, over 20 million people lose their health coverage and critical funding for critical public-health efforts like responding to outbreaks, healthcare to the homeless programs, and anti-smoking, diabetes prevention, and anti-obesity campaigns could be affected.

The services provided by Santa Clara Valley Medical Center are important to the overall health and well-being of our community. Irrespective of changes at the national level, SCVMC wants to continue its mission and serve all members of our community.