“Women’s March” Brings Thousands to San Jose

The Women's March, a day after President Trump's inauguration, channeled people's hope's worries, and strength to defend their rights. All Photos: Gabriel Nuanez

Along with millions of others across the country and around the world, support surged for a historic movement of progress and equal rights


Gabriel Nuanez, Arturo Hilario
Special to El Observador

One day after the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, thousands joined together in front of San Jose’s City Hall Saturday morning around 10 am, in support of the Women’s March on Washington and the hundreds of other marches coordinated throughout the country and the world.

In downtown San Jose, the crowd was made up of an eclectic mix of ages and backgrounds, including many families with children. Not only a march in solidarity for women, this vast and united front echoed protests and marches around the world, representing support for immigrants, science and many other groups as well. Saturday’s events marked the  the largest in US history.  

From the head of the march, the line began at E San Fernando Street and extended all the way back to City Hall, where thousands of additional marchers lingered, waiting for the line to push forward. All the participants would officially start marching at the strike of  11 am  from City Hall to Plaza de Cesar Chavez.

Seconds before that start the energetic crowd carried out a countdown as an official start to the Women’s March. Loud excitement was everywhere at the moment the countdown reached zero, while many waved their eclectic signs and frequently shouted, “No hate, no fear, everyone is welcome here!”

Approximately an hour into the march, the head of the line reached their destination of Plaza de Cesar Chavez, while the back of the line was still grouped in a large crowd back at City Hall.  

At Plaza de Cesar Chavez, participants were greeted with bubbles floating through the air, booths set up around the sides of the park, and Community Leader Shay Franco-Clausen giving a warm welcome to all those who were involved in the event. The collection of people moved towards the northern part of the park, where Franco-Clausen spoke on stage about the event. People cheered and yelled in support of Franco-Clausen’s powerful words, while the crowd continued to swell from all those still coming from City Hall. The official end time of the event was at 3 PM, but many were still present past that time.

As we have recently seen, several of the protests and marches demonstrated during and after the election were more divisive and at times on the violent side. However this march proved to be smooth and all-inclusive, supported by thousands across San Jose. The marches overall show hope for the genesis of a larger progressive movement, one that President Donald Trump may have to live with for years.