Get to Know Bailey & Destiny

Bailey (voiced by Ty Burrell) and Destiny (voiced by Kaitlin Olson) in “Finding Dory”. Photo Credit: Disney Studios

Ty Burrell & Kaitlin Olson give their impressions of working on “Finding Dory”, which is on video November 15th

Arturo Hilario

El Observador

Bailey and Destiny are two of the characters in Pixar Animation Studios’ follow up to 2003 “Finding Nemo”. The following is our conversation with Ty Burrell & Kaitlin Olson on their characters and the behind the scenes on creating “Finding Dory”.

Hello Ty and Kaitlin. To start, could you describe your characters in the film?

Ty: Destiny is a whale shark and Bailey is a beluga whale that are at the Marine Life Institute and Dory is trying to find her parents and she enlists the two of them for help and they’re kind of a motley crew.

Kaitlin: They’re a little handicapped. Destiny can’t swim very well she’s nearsighted and bailey thinks that his echolocation is broken, but it’s not.

Ty: He’s just neurotic.

What are Bailey and Destiny’s dynamic like?

Kaitlin: These two have been living next to each other for a very long time. They’re like single neighbors. They bicker like brother and sister but ultimately have to work as a team. Which is so much fun.

Ty: By the way that’s a new sitcom we’re doing in the fall. (laughs)

Could you describe what it was like working with the Pixar team?

Kaitlin: It was heaven. They’re amazing they’re like a well oiled machine and are so brilliant, it’s such a special opportunity and I just feel completely honored to be a part of it. Andrew Stanton is such a great director and such an actor friendly director so it’s a little strange to be doing voice over and you’re just standing at a microphone and not typically working with other actors, but it’s great because Andrew can act and he does do little parts in the movie.

Ty: They totally live up to the hype. When they asked about doing this I just jumped at the chance and the pixar films are not just my favorite animated films but some of my favorite films of all time. I was just really thrilled to be in the room with them and it just so happened to be totally funny and friendly and just making us look good. It’s an incredible thing. I haven’t done a ton of voice over but I’m slowly learning that to get to a certain sound you have to be willing to look like you’re having a seizure and they’re such easy people to do that in front of.

Kaitlin: And be willing to look really ridiculous and have people stare at you.

Can you talk about the new setting of the Marine Life Institute. How does that play into the story?

Kaitlin: They’re really dedicated to rehabilitation and you know, dealing with sick fish who think that they’re sick. It’s actually really cool and there is an underlying theme throughout the movie that it lends itself to. Addressing the problem with our oceans, it’s so important to take care of all our species. I just think it’s a really great setting to have a bunch of fish because if you have damaged characters they’re just much more interesting.

Ty: We were kind of talking about it before, the more i’m hearing other people talk about this movie the more i’m realizing how much is in this movie. There’s so many messages, there’s one about the environment, that it’s really valuable, that there’s an interconnectedness that I think they’re trying to make clear in this.

Why is this a good film for people to check out?

Ty: I think for the same reasons they fell in love with Dory in “Finding Nemo”. Disney and Pixar tell stories better than anybody. They’re not afraid to handle complicated ideas and this is true for “Finding Nemo” and absolutely true for “Finding Dory”. they find a way to do it, handle serious things like loss and trying to find your family, but somehow do it in a lighthearted way that’s very funny and kind of has you through the whole movie. They never cease to amaze me.

Kaitlin: Yeah, and if you have kids you know that it’s really exciting to find a kid movie that your kids love that you also love. It’s just a great family outing because everyone will love the movie and that’s really hard to find.