County of Santa Clara 12th Annual BHW

Binational Health Week Events Scheduled from October 6-13
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The Santa Clara County Public Health Department and the Consulate General of México in San José have partnered to co-sponsor Santa Clara County’s 12th Annual Binational Health Week (BHW). The series of health education and health promotion events includes workshops, fairs and screenings with community-based organizations and volunteers, to assist underserved immigrants from Latin America in Santa Clara County.

Priority will be given to topics that are relevant to the Latino community which include: Infectious Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Access to Health Insurance, Mental Health, and Women’s Health.  Most activities and events are free to participants. 

Binational Health Week (BHW) has evolved into one of the largest mobilization efforts in the Americas to improve the health and well-being of underserved immigrants from Latin America living in the United States and Canada underserved Latino population living in the United States and Canada.

The sixteenth edition of BHW in the United States, and twelfth edition in Santa Clara County, will consist of nearly a month of health-related activities. Thousands participate and benefit from health activities conducted in locally during Binational Health Week, thanks to the support of dozens of County agencies, private initiatives, community-based organizations, and hundreds of volunteers. 

In Santa Clara County, the events and activities span from late September through the end of October.