Changes needed in this Election are crucial

Photo Courtesy: By Ben Schumin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hilbert Morales/El Observador

The Vice-Presidents Debate I just watched revealed nothing new. It is an extreme dis-service to the American registered voter and all others not to present their public policy proposals. In my mind, the two most important public policy matters to be transformed into legislation which President can sign into law are: 1) Comprehensive Income Tax Reform and 2) Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The recent N.Y. Times exposure (10.02.16) of Trump’s $916,000,000 tax deductions which legally enabled payment of no taxes for 18 years really exemplifies the current unfairness of the IRS tax codes. It does not seem fair nor appropriate, yet it underscores the need to deal with all types of corporate welfare write-offs which are not available to ordinary wage earners.    

Now what is really needed is Comprehensive Income Tax Reform. Income tax disparities exist along with many forms of ‘corporate welfare’. The current Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate consistently do nothing for “We, The People”. Congress does increase tax credits and lower tax rates for the top 1% who now benefit from the ‘trickle down economic theory’ which simply never has worked, except to benefit those already very wealthy and influential. If income disparity is to be addressed at all, it is essential that a bipartisan approach to the formation of a more equitable tax process be enacted. Alternatives exist: Value Added Tax (VAT); Flat Tax Rates; and a ‘Sales Tax Rate” or a reasoned blend of tax approaches. One simple requirement is essential: NO ONE ESCAPES PAYMENT OF A FAIR SHARE OF TAXES which are essential to the continued support and development of American infrastructures. It has been the will of this nation to support security, health and welfare which enables the highest standard of living on this earth. The continued erosion of tax support will destroy this nation’s standard of living and its civil freedoms.

Organizations advocating Comprehensive Immigration Reform need to understand that no reform will happen until those are identified who profit by exploiting undocumented immigrant labor who have no legal standing. Since 1986 EO has advocated for the establishment of legal standing for undocumented labor because they do work at lower wages with no benefits which forces our own indigent labor to do the same work at lower wages with minimum benefits. There is no reason for those who profit from this situation to favor any form of immigration reform. Moral and ethical issues do not influence those whose minds are focused upon their ‘bottom line’ profits while ignoring the need to acknowledge and accept some responsibility for community stewardship. Agribusiness, hospitality enterprises, and manufacturing firms all benefit from access to low cost labor. In fact that is why so much former manufacturing in America has gone offshore where lower cost labor can be found.

Time Magazine’s September 26, 2016 issue contains Teresa Berenson’s article entitled “The Latino Economy: Hispanics Provide Crucial Economic Growth in the U.S.” In this report whose subheading is HOW LATINOS DRIVE AMERICA’S ECONOMIC GROWTH” (p.32) is a compilation of information which all Latinos need to know: “In 2015 U.S. Hispanics controlled $1.3 Trillion in (consumer) buying power (which) is equal to the GDP of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and El Salvador combined.” Hispanics are projected to become 52% of all new home ownerships during 2010-2030; 47% Growth…From 2007-2012, Latinos launched new small businesses at a rate 60 times higher than that of non-latinos; 1 in 4 new Toyota Corollas sold in the U.S. are bought by Hispanics; 31% of all businesses in South Florida are owned by Hispanics; (The) projected $784.69 ‘back to school’ spending by the average Hispanic household this year outpaces the overall household average of $673.57; and 137% (is) The growth rate in Latina owned businesses in the last 9 years, a larger rise than that of any other woman owned minority group in the U.S.”

Mass deportation of Hispanics is not going to happen because this Hispanic economic activity would be severely impacted if the Trump proposal to deport all undocumented immigrants from the U.S. were to be implemented. Those who profit from Hispanic consumerism ($1.3 Trillion) as well as low cost Hispanic labor will not support Trump’s deportation policy.

The Latino voter must vote his/her value system. This nation needs to see the magnitude possible if all Latinos vote. That is what those in power and influence fear, respect, and respond thereto.

Latinos in California have an opportunity to elect a Latina Senator who has 20 years of Congressional legislative experience. Her name is Loretta Sanchez who is able to speak to the Latino family immigrant experience. And who will support the three or four U.S. Supreme Court nominations made by the next Democratic President.

The next Democratic President of the U.S. needs a Democratic Senate. In the County of Santa Clara 510,000 will vote by mail beginning October 11, 2016 (total voter registration is about 860,000). This election ballot is massive…National elections; 17 CA State Measures; State Assembly, County elections and measures; and civic elections and measures. Take the necessary time to discuss your policy concerns with trusted friends and associates; refer to the League of Women Voters Palo Alto (a non-partisan group of very high integrity whose motto is “Making Democracy Work”). But Democracy will not work without each individual’s vote being cast and counted.