What To Do When Kids Come Home ‘Hangry’



Good news for many parents who wonder what to do when the kids come home from school ravenous and dinner is hours away: According to the experts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it’s perfectly fine to let them have a snack when hunger strikes between meals.

Just be sure, the NIH adds, that it’s a healthful snack and the portions are right.

That’s just as well, considering that snacking is rising across all ages and genders—94 percent of people say they snack daily, according to market researcher Mintel.

One answer for many busy families is a pair of kid-friendly treats: Mashed Potatoes and Macaroni & Cheese. Both of these varieties are available in the new Reser’s Main St Bistro 4-Pack “single-serve” refrigerated sides. These tasty snacks are made with real dairy (milk, butter and cheese) and contain around 200 calories per cup.

The easy and convenient portion-controlled cups can be heated in the microwave and are ready to eat in less than two minutes. The small oval-shaped cups are easy for kids to hold and eat from. Each cup also has heat-resistant grips on the side to protect small hands from the heat.

Look for them at your grocer’s Meat Department in the refrigerated case. They are not just for kids; empty nesters, singles, young adults and the eat-lunch-at-the-desk bunch will enjoy them, too. In fact, they’re for anyone who wants a delicious, hot dish without all the hassle, calories and prep time.

What’s A Parent To Do?

Other helpful snacking hints include:

• Send younger kids on a “veggie hunt” and ask them to pick out a colorful or unique vegetable they find at the grocery store. The only rule: You have to buy whatever they select.

• Remember to include portable items for days when you’ll be shuttling kids from school to the playground or after-school activities.

• Bring your kids into the kitchen. One bonus: Cooking together offers a great way to teach math skills and master fractions.

An afterschool snack can be healthful and helpful for getting kids through their homework and playtime until dinner.