Hilbert Morales EL OBSERVADOR A lot of happenings occur worldwide each day which impact our lives. In this electronic era information is distributed at viral speeds, it is easy...

Hilbert Morales


A lot of happenings occur worldwide each day which impact our lives. In this electronic era information is distributed at viral speeds, it is easy to overlook that facts and passion are not enough. A sense of what’s right; what’s wrong; what is possible  which includes accepted morals, ethics and values are essential. These days nothing is simple.

Consider the recent vote by United Kingdom’s citizens to get out of the European Union (EU). The outcome was unexpected (their constituents favored leaving EU). The people were passionately concerned about protecting their jobs from immigrants; enhancing British national sovereignty and terrorist cells. The public voted to ‘leave the EU’ … and the very next day regretted their decision.

WHY? Reality: Beneficial connections to all EU members. The EU was a major step towards the future establishment of the ‘United States of Europe! EU, since its conceptions, had lowered travel barriers, import-export taxes; facilitated commerce; student exchanges; and personal travel only required ‘one visa’.

All this changed with that one polling by citizens who voted to protect their personal interests while neglecting all the beneficial cultural, civic, educational, and commercial activity which improved their lives. The very next day, the world financial institutions trembled with the loss of value caused by projections of doing business with 21 nations rather than one EU. Import-Export business was impacted. Reduced exportation of U.S. goods and services caused the NY Stock Exchange to lose value.

The reason the American voter needs to take note is that our current Presidential Election campaign is, in my opinion, a mirror image happening here within our 50 states wherein one may travel and do commerce in all 50 states under one federal standard of governance having monitoring, regulatory and licensing authority. Would the ‘smaller government’ proposed by Republican conservatives permit that?

Today, the U.S. Constitution, adapted progressively after the U.S. Declaration of Independence (adapted July 4, 1776…only some 240 years ago) contains the the Christian ideals held by the Founding Fathers. Of great importance are the first ten amendments, known as the “Bill of Rights”…similar to the Decalogue (10 Commandments)…where the basic rules of human interaction, ownership of property, and the setting of limits to government at all levels is stated. It is these ideals which are being undermined and weakened by the endless erosion by those who want to update ‘American ideals’.

DARK MONEY currently has the visible upper hand because with a few bucks here or there, the votes of legislators at all levels of governance are influenced. Conservative forces advocate smaller government, the privatization of social security, health care, and having almost no civic oversight and monitoring of any and all commerce.

Two political forces are in a contest in America today. The Conservatives (i.e., Republicans, especially their presumptive Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump) want to ‘cut new deals’; “Make America Great Again” (at a time when America is the only WORLD POWER capable of doing so many things currently ‘stonewalled’ in the U.S. Congress under Republican’s conservative ideology. The other political organization, the Democratic Party, also has its share of ‘special interests’. It’s presumptive Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being faulted for acceptance of large fees for short speeches; for the use of a personal email system which handled 110 items of ‘classified’ information (out of a total of 30,000 emails); and for the development of that non-profit Foundation which accepted funds from ‘foreign interests’.

An ‘outsider’, Senator Bernie Sanders, is the only presidential candidate, who has consistently presented issues which impact the 95% of Americans who have experienced their living standard drop since 1975 as an outcome of stagnant wages, union-busting, voter suppression via gerrymandering, etc.

This coming Tuesday, November 8, 2016 all the bickering, charge & countercharges will end when the American people cast their ballots. Before then, I would hope that the candidates discuss their concepts of American Ideals because in the final analysis, facts and opinions are not enough. What is needed is the expression of a plan wherein more of us have opportunities to earn a better living; earn a living wage; not be stigmatized by race, color, religious beliefs or national origin. It is these ideals which attract immigrants to enjoy freedom and security. It’s called meritocracy.

Both Republican and Democratic candidates need to address their commitment to protect, foster, and develop the basic American ideals which are already enumerated the the current U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence. If, WE, THE PEOPLE, demand and support with our votes those elected officials who will continue to refine the ideals and values which enable us to live together in peace, do commerce, and enjoy life, then we will have achieved several good things: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The current political discourse must get beyond ‘facts’ and