Kitten Season is Here

 County of Santa Clara Shelter Seeks New Foster Homes for 131 Kittens

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, CALIF. — Kitten season has started. Each year, the County of Santa Clara’s Animal Shelter in San Martin cares for hundreds of young kittens who are strays, brought to the shelter by residents or abandoned by their mothers and in need of maternal care and bottle feeding. The shelter is currently seeking new foster homes for 131 kittens in need of life-saving care and feeding.

“Our animal shelter relies on the generosity of community members to help nurture kittens through their first few weeks of life, and to an age where they can be adopted into loving, permanent homes,” said Supervisor Mike Wasserman, District 1. “We hope that individuals and families who have time this summer, will volunteer to care for these young kittens.”

In 2015, 610 animals, mostly kittens, were cared for by 101 foster homes that are part of the Shelter’s Foster Care Program. The program enables the shelter to take care of a large number of stray kittens brought in by Animal Control or the public, as the kittens need to be bottle fed as often as a human baby. Kittens are placed into foster care as early newborns, and in groups of two up to six kittens. They are fostered from one to 8 weeks, usually until they are 7-8 weeks old at which point kittens can be spayed or neutered before adoption. The Shelter supports its foster families with supplies, food and veterinary care, in exchange for their care of the animals.

“We welcome volunteers 18 years or older who love animals to participate in our foster care program,” said Lisa Jenkins, Interim Animal Care and Control Manager, who oversees the County of Santa Clara Animal Shelter. “Providing a temporary home for an underage kitten or other animal during the early stage of its life can be a fulfilling experience.”

For more information or for those interested in providing a foster home for kittens or other shelter animals, please call (408) 686-3900 or visit <>. Apply online at <>. The Shelter can issue community service hours to volunteers who participate in the program.