Eduardo Hilario / El Observador
Left to right: Owen Wilson plays Hansel, Ben Stiller plays Derek Zoolander and Penelope Cruz plays Valentina Valencia in Zoolander 2 from Paramount Pictures.

After a fifteen year hiatus, Ben Stiller revives his character, Derek Zoolander, in the sequel to 2001’s movie about a plot to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia using a brainwashed model.

In “Zoolander 2”, Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and his friend, and also male model, Hansel (Owen Wilson), have gone into a fifteen year hiatus after an unforeseen catastrophe strikes “The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too” and forces them into seclusion from the rest of society.

One day, they receive a special invitation to a major world fashion event being held in the ancient city of Rome. After fifteen years of isolation, they are excited to get back into the fashion world and return to their former glory, but what they see upon arriving to the event confuses them. They see that the world of fashion they left behind is a thing of the past. In a modern fashion world dominated by eccentric and bizarre designers, blogging, vlogging and anti-fashion fashion.

Thrusted back into the fashion world, and the spotlight as remnants of a fashion world long gone, the duo struggles to find relevance in this new fashion industry. Amidst all this they are recruited to help stop a calculated and deadly plot that if not stopped, would destroy the hopes for fashion to return to its revered and glorious status forever. Derek and Hansel are the only two who have the power to SAVE FASHION.

Ben Stiller returns to direct the sequel of 2001’s “Zoolander” and fans of the Blue Steel could not be more excited for his return to the big screen. Will Ferrell returns to reprise his role as the evil Mugatu, though his role in the film is unclear. “Zoolander 2” hits theaters February 12.