SJ Made in conjunction with presents The Inaugural Screenprint Showdown January 30th 2016 11am-5pm In advance of Super Bowl 50 SJMade asks citizens of America’s 10th largest city

SJ Made in conjunction with presents

The Inaugural Screenprint Showdown January 30th 2016 11am-5pm

In advance of Super Bowl 50 SJMade asks citizens of America’s 10th largest city


What’s Your San Jose?

With Super Bowl 50 fast approaching, the eyes of the world will be focused on the South Bay. SJMade, a local platform for maker culture, is using the occasion to celebrate the artistry of screenprint culture and inspire the creation of a new visual brand for the City of San Jose. Whether used to enhance apparel, paper goods, canvas, or wood screenprint remains a vibrant and durable artisan craft amidst the heart of Silicon Valley where technology and innovation reign supreme.

The inaugural

Screenprint Showdown taking place on Saturday January 30th at Blanco Square is the “Super Bowl of Screenprinting.” Professional representatives from The Arsenal, Authentic Imprints, Cukui, Silicon Valley De Bug, and the School of Visual Philosophy will go head to head in a series of screen printing challenges and a panel of local leaders and experts will crown the winner. Each of these handpicked teams will sell exclusive screenprint designs and will be liveprinting these goods onsite.

All items produced for the Screenprint Showdown are inspired by the theme “What’s Your San Jose?” Event producer and SJMade founder Marie Millares sensed that the Super Bowl provided the perfect backdrop for San Jose to redefine itself visually, “Screenprinting is a maker culture that is at the forefront of delivering brand identity, messaging and storytelling. With media attention on the Southbay for Super Bowl 50 we see this as an opportunity to spark a conversation about our own city identity.

What is San Jose about?

How do we identify ourselves to visitors? To the rest of the world? We created the Screenprint Showdown firstly to celebrate screenprinting, but more importantly to connect with local artists and designers who tell visual stories of our city that are not necessarily told at the level of citywide branding.

What are your symbols of San Jose?

What does it mean to be made in San Jose? I encourage every person who wants to be part of this conversation to enter our Screenprint Design Contest and make an impact on our city identity.”

In addition to the on site screen print battle the Screenprint Showdown will also be a showcase for new San Jose visuals created by local graphic designers taking part in SJ Made’s Screenprint Showdown design contest. Artists and graphic designers are called to enter this firstofitskind contest to create new visual logos inspired by the prompt “What’s Your San Jose.” Fifty designs will be selected as finalists and those designs will be displayed at the Screenprint Showdown on January 30, 2016. Four contest winners are selected by a panel of judges and receive $500 from the Knight Foundation and asubscription to Adobe Cloud on the day of the event.

The Screenprint Showdown is a Knight Foundation event presented by SJMade, FutureArtsNow!, Kooltura Marketing, and Content Magazine. KQED is media sponsor for this inaugural event.


San Jose Made (SJMADE) is a platform for creative entrepreneurship. Our projects, centered in San Jose, CA, create and support popup concepts, operatorowned business, and local goods.

Content Magazine

Content Magazine is a bimonthly San Jose based magazine promoting the people, events, and businesses of San Jose. San Jose deserves a magazine that would be able to articulate the unique life & style of our city.


FutureArtsNow! is a for profit social entrepreneurship venture that seeks to fill the void left by the cutting of art and dance programs, match atris youth young adult artist mentors and build self confidence in youth through performance and exhibition.


Kooltura specializes in multicultural marketing, helping clients reach audiences of a specific ethnicity, culture, and subculture through brand and strategy. Kooltura also leads #iPledgeSJ, a campaign to reach out and engage San Jose’s communitymembers to become active participants of the Arts and Cultural scene.


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